Anthony Mackie

Aha! There he is! I knew he was in this flick, despite the fact that he was just about absent from the film's first trailer (posted back in September). We see more of him in this one still image than we did in the entire 3-minute trailer. 

Come on Summit Entertainment marketing department; give the man some shine.

I got jokes today folks... just jokes... kind of.

Seriously... check out the trailer HERE if you haven't already, and you'll see what I mean.

We still don't really know what his role in the entire story is (looks like he's a cop, given the image above), and just how much he's involved; he could be on screen for 5 minutes, or 25; I don't know. Bruh Anthony, I know you read S&A, so, help us out with some info if you can :)

See the full set of new images from the film HERE.