Red Hook

Well, that was fast Variance Films... the marketing campaign has begun for Spike Lee's Red Hook Summer, which, as I posted not-too long ago, was picked up by the upstart distribution company for an August 10th release.

Here's your very first look at the film that's not just still images; we've got an actual teaser trailer folks!

No signs of any tampering; and by that I mean (repeating what I said earlier today), I saw the film at the Sundance Film Festival this year, where it premiered; and reactions to it were mostly negative after that screening (my thoughts HERE); so I can't help but wonder if Variance Films will be releasing the film as is, or if Spike will have to (or already has) done work on it to *clean* it up and get it ready for its theatrical release.

I guess we'll eventually find out!

But given that Variance Films is indeed a younger, and likely hungrier company, I'm not all that surprised by this pick-up - one that other distributors might consider *risky*.