You're looking at first, early images (above and below) from an upcoming drama/thriller titled Recalled, which stars Bow Wow, Aidan Quinn, Malik Yoba, Seth Gabel, and a host of others.

The story, based on an award-winning short film of the same name, goes... After being granted a questionable transfer that will keep him stateside as his unit deploys for Iraq, Lieutenant Danny Sefton becomes embroiled in a last minute AWOL attempt by one of his soldiers -- forcing him to choose between his loyalties to the fleeing soldier, his unit and his fiancé.

Gabel plays Danny Sefton; Bow Wow, who has already suggested his intent to stretch himself as an actor, is our AWOL soldier - Specialist Chris Reyes.

Michael Connors is both writer and director - his feature film debut.

The film is currently in post-production with no release date yet; it needs to find a distributor first.

Once a trailer surfaces, we'll have it for you.