Actor, writer, director, producer, now add studio chair to his resume...

Forest Whitaker has assumed co-chair duties at JuntoBox Films (essentially a collaborative film studio for filmmakers and fans), the indie film studio with $2.5 million in funding, that plans to greenlight 5 films this year alone; so that's about $500,000 per picture. Not bad.

Whitaker will play an active role in selecting, producing and marketing the chosen films with the aid of his production company, Significant Productions.

JuntoBox was developed as a community for filmmakers and fans to share and then collaborate on projects.

"Forest is deeply involved in building the experience, function and creativity of JuntoBox Films, and his passion for the art of storytelling, make him the perfect partner for the JuntoBox community," said JuntoBox founder Philippe Caland.

Let's wait and see what comes of this... although, before you ask... no, I don't necessarily think this means that Forest's presence and influence will mean that the 5 films funded this year will all be "black films," or even 1 of them.