Birth Right

Former House of Payne head writer Brian Egeston says of himself that he's been “the class clown” and "the funny man everywhere I go," but for the longest, like a lot of comedians, he longed to be dramatic.

As he says: “Comedy can get really broad, sometimes too broad.  I still enjoy it and write it, but I like dabbling in drama to center my storytelling.” 

So after writing 30 episodes of Payne, as well as working on more than 100 episodes for other Tyler Perry TV sit-coms, Egeston has created the dramatic web series Birth Right which premiered yesterday on the serie' website (HERE) and on YouTube.

The series centers around Kia Right, “whose adoption rights are overturned by a rich and powerful business mogul who wants her son after learning the child is connected to a multimillion dollar inheritance.  When authorities try to take the child, Kia goes into hiding in the remote North Georgia Mountains until she can overturn the ruling or hunt down the people after her son.

Egeston says that this series is really important to him because: “ wife and I adopted the most amazing kid in the world and I wanted to tell a story about an unconditional love for a child regardless how he or she comes into one’s life.  I also wanted a backdrop that wasn’t stereotypical such as the hood, church or a basketball court.  That’s why we told this story on a lake, in the urban jungle and in the mountains.  Next season we’ll be in the clouds—literally.

Now I can guess what you’re saying: “Ya think Egeston made this series as an atonement for all that time working on Perry sit-coms?

Well I’m not going to go there. You’ll have to make up your own mind about that

New episodes will premiere every Thursday at 8PM.

Here’s the first episode: