Fox News

Well the overall Nielsen ratings report for 2013 recently came out and not surprisingly Fox News was once again the number one cable news channel easily beating out CNN and MSNBC.

And not surprisingly, the number of African American viewers of Fox News was somewhere between slim and none. Why watch something that makes it clear on a daily basis that we’re not wanted, let alone even liked?

According to Nielsen, only some 1.1 percent of Fox News watchers were African American compared to 25% for MSNBC, 14%  for CNN and about 12% for the three commercial broadcast networks (ABC, NBC and CBS) evening news programs.

To put that into perspective, believe it or not, Mitt Romney actually got more black voters with some 2.2 percent.

However, looking at them closer, Fox News’ actual numbers tell a different story. The channel averages about 1 million daily, though when you consider, according once again to Nielsen, that some 8 million daily viewers watch the CBS Evening News, which has the lowest number of viewers compared the other broadcast network newscasts, Fox’s numbers are not very impressive.

Even The Walking Dead on AMC averages about 12 million per episode.

And those numbers for Fox are even less impressive when you also consider that its target demographic is made up almost exclusively of pissed off angry white guys between the ages of 50 and death, who, when polled, say that they watch practically nothing else but Fox News, meaning that the news channel is actually a lot more bark than bite.

Or as N.Y. Times columnist David Brooks once said “More people own ferrets than watch Fox News.

Of course, that 1.1% of black watchers must consist mainly of sell-outs who somehow lost their way….. I mean, black political pundits such as Herman Cain, Dr. Ben Carson, Blockhead Allen West and Ms. Tacky Lace Front Wig AKA Angela McGlowan (above), who are on the network simply to reassure viewers that there are a few “safe kneegrows” around.

But the reality is that the media and the public gives Fox News a lot more power and influence than it actually has, and, as their viewers literally die off, the network will eventually be hard pressed and scrambling to find new viewers to replace them.

And it sure isn’t going to be black folks or people of color.