Gang of Roses

I don’t know about you, but I think that those Gang of Roses movies are, pound for pound, some of the funniest films being made right now.

You know, those ultra-low budget, hip-hop westerns about an outlaw female gang with a cast made of black "D-listers."

Now of course, the films are supposed to be all tongue in cheek. Well, that is, I hope they're supposed to be satirical, because if the filmmakers meant for these films to be taken seriously, then they’re way off the mark.

The first GOR film, which came out in 2005, with Lil’ Kim, LisaRaye, Stacey Dash and Bobby Brown reportedly grossed some $18 million, which is especially impressive when you consider that means they made a $17,999,000 million profit from the movie.

The second GOR (subtitled The Next Generation) with Amber Rose, Eurika Pratts, Teyana Taylor and Rocsi Diaz sold close to 200,000 since its Feb 2012 release.

So it was with unbridled joy when I got a press release to announce that funding has been secured, and that plans are underway for the third and final Gang of Roses film, which will start shooting this August, for a projected Feb. 2014 release.

This new film, which will be produced by Nulite Entertainment and Indie Lab Film Studios will be set in "1903 New Mexico, at a local brothel. Several of the "working women" there plan a heist that brings them on a collision course with a group of bandits on the path of revenge." (Which sounds exactly like the plotline for the previous two films).

According to director Jean-Claude La Marre, who wrote and directed the previous GOR films: "The script is incredible.  We want the third and final installment to rise up to the expectations of the fans.  It has to be fun, sexy and action-packed."

Hey, just as long as it’s as funny as the first two, then I’ll be very satisfied.

According to the release “several names are being considered for lead roles in the  new movie,  including Rihanna, Keri Hilson, and Nicki Minaj.”  

Which means that the film will most likely star Lil’Kim, though of course she’ll be totally unrecognizable.

Here’s the trailer for Gang of Roses 2