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Garcelle Beauvais Will Be Denzel Washington's Wife In "Flight"

by Tambay A. Obenson
September 30, 2011 12:24 PM
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GREAT NEWS to share... I landed a role in Denzel Washington's next movie "flight so excited!!!!

Words tweeted by the lovely Garcelle Beauvais just minutes ago. The co-star of TNT's Franklin & Bash joins Don Cheadle, and of course Denzel Washington in the thriller Flight, directed by Robert Zemeckis.

In it, Denzel plays a pilot who is embraced as a hero after landing a damaged plane successfully. However, he faces scrutiny after an investigation could lead to evidence that he was under the influence while operating the plane.

Garcelle will reportedly play Denzel's estranged wife.

Production begins next month.

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  • Micah | October 2, 2011 9:02 AMReply

    I apologize for not proofreading my comments until after the fact. I shouldn't comment after being out all night.


  • Micah | October 2, 2011 9:00 AMReply

    @ Bongirl

    I like your last point about there being there still being a certain amount of racism and sexism in hollywood. We both ended comments with the same thought, how do we find solutions.

    @ Accidental Visitor

    I can see this subject gets you heated. I'm not exactly sure why the sensitivity. I can honestly say I was not attacking your comments but asking sincere questions.

    After looking it up all the actresses you've named have been paired white males. Also this has been very recent. So of these actresses careers I have followed as closely as others. I've never seen Avatar of Mission Impossible so movies like that didn't instantly pop into my head. Naomie Harris, I should have known. I can't think of a black male actor that she has been paired with. Was she Jamie Foxx's love interest in Miami Vice?

    I will say I have seen movies with Derek Luke, Denzel Washington, Wesley Snipes, Sidney Portier, Laurence Fishburne, Cleavon Little and James Earl Jones (got an oscar nomination for it) paired with white females. I don't think there's as long a trail of the reverse. Yes not all of these were positive portrayals but they did happen. Also true the sexual element has been removed from a lot of stories where there are black male leads and female leads. (Pelican Brief, Men in Black, etc...).

    I will say what you have shown me suggests the scales may be tipping the other way.

    In either case this shouldn't cause us to attack one another but look for ways or rectifying the problem.

    It's sad that so many great black minds like being frustrated by issues like this still. It shows that a lot of progress needs to be made in the film and culture.

    I ask you, do you think there is a solution? Do you think there is even a problem? If there is a problem what do you think the solution is?

    We have a lot of great minds that read this blog.

  • mantan | October 2, 2011 7:48 AMReply

    i sure hope she doesn't come on this site and read this post--- you guys would bust her bubble!! lolol...

  • Mecca | October 2, 2011 6:17 AMReply

    Wow! A lot of you make some REALLY interesting points!

    Especially, AV & Micah!

    Congrats to Garcelle Beauvais! Even if her role is small. It is still a role. I have not seen her on the BIG screen since the Wild, Wild West!

  • CareyCarey | October 2, 2011 2:14 AMReply

    Yeah Accidental Visitor, I could have simply said, "Hey dude, what's up with that moronic mess? Is that how we're going to do it?"

    But that wouldn't have been any fun and I wouldn't want to make a poor hustler out of you by letting you talk crazy.

    Btw, I agree with your take on the IR issue (have all along because facts don't lie). But you have to know (I'm sure you do) that this place is not noted for people agreeing with each other after each has taken their positions. Nope, that's not going to happen here, nor in most situations/places inwhich a person has to admit they were wrong. NOTTA GONNA HAPPEN. So I understand what some may see as your "frustration". You're like... "PEOPLE, CAN'T YOU SEE, OR WHY DON'T YOU WANT TO SEE WHAT'S RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU"

    And I'm kinda liking that "creepy" tag. sho Do! I've been called a lot of things but never creepy. But I'm gonna use it. when me and my lady **hush now** role play, I'm gonna drop Mr. Geepers Creepers on her.

    Thanks for the suggestion b/c this is gonna be good. I'm going to suggest that when I creep up in the bedroom, Luther's "creepin'" should be playing. Then, when I make my creepy move she should start screaming "GEEPERS CREEPERS DON'T HURT ME... DON'T HURT ME".

    Then, while I'm wearing a gorilla mask, I'll breakout in my loud Gorilla grunt, "OO OO... OO OO".

    Oh yeah, this is gonna be good... fade to black...

  • AccidentalVisitor | October 1, 2011 11:16 AMReply

    Carey-Carey, calm down, sir. You see while I was clearly spending some time on S&A late Friday and early Saturday, I do not live on this site like perhaps you do. I can't keep up with every post nor do I want to. I finally decided to check out that particular topic and read your post first because the default position of the cursor takes me to the most recent post (which was yours). And I must say that last post was like a day or so after the previous one so I am not the only one who was tardy.

    Anyhow I found your comments to be silly, Maybe I went too far using the word "moronic" but it wasn't as if I was trying to hide it. I was simply guilty of being a couple days late to the party. However I just knew you would read it and respond to it. That's cool. But why couldn't you have left your rebuttal in the thread of THAT particular discussion. Maybe I would have gotten around to reading your post or maybe not. But then again I suppose that was the point. You could not risk me not seeing your brilliant follow-up. You had to make sure you were heard. Okay. I hear ya, buddy. I feel your pain. You didn’t care for my comments. Fine. You sure showed me who's boss. Can I be excused now?

    And by the way...just in case that I don't happen to respond to your next follow-up just assume I read it and am smarting from it. Please don't try to provoke an answer from me by stalking me to the next thread based upon some other subject like "Basketball Wives" or something. Because, man, doing that would make you come across as just a little bit creepy. And we wouldn't want that.

    Peace and soul.

  • AccidentalVisitor | October 1, 2011 10:54 AMReply

    {{{ Let me see if I’m hearing you:

    1. Black actors assist the career of black actresses but not vice versa. }}}


    {{{ 2. Interracial love interests are becoming more and more prevalent with black men AND black women onscreen. }}}

    No, something was lost in translation there. Interracial relationships involving black men in major movies is not becoming more prevalent. It may not even be stuck in neutral. Well, as long as the female is white. Eva Mendes gets flown in when the studios don't want a black lady and won't dare think about a white lady. But when it comes to black actresses and IR, the studios, producers and directors suddenly become progressive liberals again and talk about how race shouldn't matter.

    {{{ If that is what you’re saying is the case, then I’m unclear if you are upset that black actresses can’t help black actors get roles…or wish there were more bankable black men to give roles to…I’m confused as to the deeper meaning for you. }}}

    Don't worry. It is so easy a caveman can figure it out.

    My "deeper meaning" is my desire for revisionists to cut the nonsense about how black actresses aren't cast alongside black leading men (which started this particular debate) and how there is not any noticeable difference in how often the leading black male stars are paired alongside white actresses compared to how many black female stars are paired alongside white actors. That's nonsense. Statistics don't lie. And if you yourself wasn't counting at home you'll just have to excuse me if I am in the habit of carrying my calculator around when I'm in the comforts of my own house.

    And getting back to this movie more well respected actors such as John Goodman, Melisa Leo and Bruce Greenwood have been cast. Damn. Small role or not I’m still amazed that Beauvais was the only black actress they could come up with.

  • JMac | October 1, 2011 10:16 AMReply

    I was going to try to read all this to see what the big deal is... although I suspect it. Couldn't do it. I see "IR" and Accidental Visitor's name so I'll just say I respectfully disagree but understand your point.

    Garcelle isn't my favorite actress but kudos for her.

  • misha | October 1, 2011 9:24 AMReply

    I've read few of the posts in this thread but I can say for certain that I disgaree completely with Accidental Visitor, considering that this is a post about a black actress. :) But please tell me that AV is still not touting his "black actors help black actress but not vice versa" argumnet. No...he can't be, since I've already explained why said argument is terribly flawed.

    Anyhow, Jug I wasn't going to get too happy, despite knowing anything about the actual leading lady. Sadly, I've come to expect that black actresses playing the wife/girlfriend role will get the "blink and you miss them" treatment. I just saw Contagion and Sanaa was in what...3-4 scenes?

  • CareyCarey | October 1, 2011 8:22 AMReply

    “Now in regards to IR love scenes…sigh. I’m the wrong one to address this, because I don’t espouse on here that films are coonery, contain white saviors, or are in general negative stereotypes about blacks. The folks who consistently have words for Tyler Perry and Tarantino and Snoop Dogg should be frank enough to address why they are going to sit in the theatre and watch Nicole Beharie or Halle or Zoe flip flop with these white guys. I can’t speak on that” By BondGirl

    Holly Mackerel Andy, that’s a perfect entryway into my lengthy-ass comment.


    Since we are doing the big “HI-JACK A POST” thang today, excuse me while I do a Carey type post *winking @ JMac* to pick a bone with Accidental Visitor, since I can safely assume he’s in this house, today. And as Kingfish would say “I’s tryin’ to seas the exacto Rules of Enragement”. So, this is an open letter to...

    @ AccidentalVisitor,

    Moronic?! Okay, I’ve NEVER heard you use that “push-back” word in any of your comments, so I feel as if something else was on your mind other than the Casablanca Records post? Seriously, after nearly a week you dropped by that post (only one time, you were not previously engaged in the post) only to address me with an obscure and very short comment, which is very unbecoming of you... HERE‘s a snapshot of that post---->@ Cherish, some things never change. A slightly different time period but my daughter thought she WAS one of the Emotions and Natalie Cole - CareyCarey on September 26

    “Justin Timberlake actually looks like Neil Bogart”
    By James Madison on September 26, 2011

    @Nadell, if Michael Ealy paid for his training, he got ripped off because that boy can not act. The best thing he has going for him is he looks like a singer, Chris Brown. - By CareyCarey

    “Carey, that’s moronic on two fronts. First of all he looks nothing like Chris Brown (nor should he want to). Second this is a guy despite his limited pickings, who has gotten nominated already for an Independent Spirit Award and either an Emmy or Golden Globe for his work in “Sleeper Cell”. By AccidentalVisitor on October 1, 2011

    MORONIC!? Huuuuum, what are the rules of engagement?

    So again, since that post is very old and I could be wrong, (been there and done that) and few are probably reading, I’m going to take a little time -- right here -- and tell you what’s on my mind. Again, I could be wrong but help me out and tell me if my concerns are true. And I come in peace.

    First, I only know you based on the words that you submit to this blog, thus I want you to understand one of my mottos “The Written Word “ALONE” Is A Big Fat Liar”.

    Within those words I am suggesting a person can be whomever they want to be while behind the screen of “anonymous“... screen names and such. The small nuances of face to face conversations (e.g. voice tone, physical body language, physical shape and size , color, age, eye movements, voice punctuations, pauses and inflections, smiles, humor, etc, ) are frequently lost in the translation of the written word. You know, those small but large elements/nuances that tells on a person and speaks more loudly than any written word; they are by and large missing from the written word. Now, aside from a person making porous assumptions about an individual based solely on their writing skills (their written word) this screen allows us the uninhibited freedom to be and do things outside our normal walk in life. We can be fakes and phonies, kings and queens, all through our written words. We can even pretend to be as wise as Solomon and "richer than Croesus" or intelligent as Albert Einstein. However, whatever the case may be, we don’t even know if the person behind the screen washes their ass on a daily bases or sleeps with wolves.


  • CareyCarey | October 1, 2011 8:21 AMReply

    We don’t know if the person has a nasty ass house nor if they’ve ever been in, or are presently in a lasting and trusting relationship, with anyone. You know, those valued and important things in life that could be absent from “shielded” conversations that we wouldn’t even know if we only paid attention to their cloaked words“. In short, basically, if we base our opinions of others based solely on their written words, we don’t know if a person is enjoying their own life -- and misery loves company. Not only that, I think it’s safe to say we can attempt to hide our true feelings and motives when we hide behind this barrier. But why should we know any more about a person (those intricate details) since this is only a movie blog?

    Huuuum, good question so I’ll proceed to my main point.

    First, movies are not just movies nor simple sources of entertainment. We get engaged in them and talk about them as to how they relate to our lives. In that respect, they are a natural -- and understandable so -- extension of our lives. So every conversation or experience stemming from said conversation are relevant (imo). Nuff said, soooooo....

    Mr. Accidental Visitor, do you recognize these words... “NO OFFENSE but this is the type of stuff that amazes me”... “Folks here have already made great points”... “you can’t be serious”... “With ALL DUE RESPECT” ... “I don’t know how to take that comment”... “Say what you want about [The Help] movie (I give it a thumbs up)”... “I hear you on this but...” ... “Oh, cry me a river for “Colombiana”

    Well, those are your nice and polite lead-ins to other commenters‘, not to me but others. But Moronic? Now let me cut to the chase by using a quote from a frequent visitor at S&A. I hope I don’t embarrass her.

    “You clearly do not know my point of view. Since you don’t, why respond to it? Just makes you look argumentative. Everyone calls Carey crazy, but he must be like a fox, bc he’s the only one who has managed to succinctly articulate my perspective without fail” ~ BondGirl

    I’m blushing “dark brown“ @ “crazy like a fox” but do you know why I understand her words and do not question them, and champion them? Well, it’s my opinion that she is one of the most real and unpretentious individuals who comment on this blog. She does not shake & fake and pimp and pander to a particular crowd. She addresses THE ISSUES with facts and not favorable opinions. Her words are loud and clear... “Agree or disagree with me. love me, hug me, or leave me alone, but this is who I am”. She has also told us her background (Some wish to pooh-pooh it and deny it with a hint of jealousy) and she also said “Btw, snarky is what I do best…I’m a NY’er after all. It has nothing to do with emotion. I order my eggs every am the same way” .

    In essence, in my opinion, she exemplifies my vision of a real live sistah who has no false self image or hidden motives, nor does she (imo) try to project something she is not. She orders her eggs the same way... err--raaay moaning. And, how many good things can I say about Jug & JMac, that I haven’t already said?

    That reminds me, ( This is not an indictment of anyone on the S&A staff, so I hope they excuse my use of their quote, b/c since I am not a “qualified“ writer I could not find any other way to lead into my next point... anyway) a staff member said to me (in an e-mail) “Some people aren't polite, others are too polite to say anything. Me? I'll politely tell you want I want to say. [you Carey] ingratiate yourself to people by buttering them up with compliments”.

    Well, I don’t know what they meant by “buttering them up”, but the actions of those in question has shown me who they are, and I do not feel I am buttering them up (whatever that means). I’ve simply come to believe it’s only right to tell a person that they are alright with me, and their openness and honesty is appreciated -- from my perspective -- even if we may have disagreements from time to time. See, I believe everybody needs a little love and affirmations, sometimes. I’ve engaged in conversations with several people on this blog, some with peaceful dialog, others may have taken their concerns out the back door and to the site’s administrators via e-mails... like snitches running to the school’s principle. Damn, ouuuweeee, that’s so snake[ish] and little.

    Anyway, and lastly, I know we’ve been on different sides of the fence on many issues, i.e., interracial relationships, Tyler Perry, coonery, The Help, etc., so now I’m asking you, man to man, upfront and honest, do we have something we need to work on and what’s “our” terms/rules of engagement?

    I'm just trying to set some boundries on a slow Saturday afternoon, here in the heartland of America.

  • Micah | October 1, 2011 6:13 AMReply

    @ AccidentalVisitor : That was a very well thought out post. You make some astute observations and great points. You seem to especially dead on when talking about how the way films are developed lead to the limited parts for female actors, much less black female actors.

    I'm not sure how much of a boost black actresses get from the "Denzel Effect" but they do get that one job they wouldn't have gotten if Denzel's role had went to a white actor. I believe Jug is more accurate when he says that Will or Denzel are the only black actors in a lot of their movies. That is they are the only Black actors with any role worth noting.

    One paragraph you write seems to suggest that there are a disproportionate amount of films with Black Female/White Male relationships. Are there really that many? I can only think of Shame and Joyful Noise as recent examples. It could be out of the loop and I guess I don't really look for it.

    However I do believe there was a time when the few interracial that were portrayed on the big screen where Black mean and white women. Not all of these portrayals were the most dignified. Once again I haven't done any statistical research on one vs the other. I'm simply trying to go by memory.

    For a very long time black women weren't viewed as desirable in mainstream film by any stretch of the imagination. I supposed the closest hollywood got for a while was portraying them as prostitutes. I'm for any improvement over that. Since I've been on this site I've realize it might be beneficial to make a more conscientious effort to look into statistics of race in film versus perception.

    What I think we're all trying figure out is how you go about circumventing obstacles in the system to tell stories in major motion pictures with black actors. Not that we're interested in using them exclusively but having the option to to put them together in multimillion dollar pictures.

    Of course there's always the independent route. Several filmmakers, be they good or bad, have taught us the value of ownership.

  • Micah | October 1, 2011 5:36 AMReply

    It's a shame a decent actress this beautiful is not given more lead roles. Well at least she's working somewhat consistently.

  • BondGirl | October 1, 2011 5:03 AMReply

    LOL@Accidental Visitor:

    Let me see if I'm hearing you:

    1. Black actors assist the career of black actresses but not vice versa.

    2. Interracial love interests are becoming more and more prevalent with black men AND black women onscreen.

    If that is what you're saying is the case, then I'm unclear if you are upset that black actresses can't help black actors get roles...or wish there were more bankable black men to give roles to...I'm confused as to the deeper meaning for you.

    Now in regards to IR love scenes...sigh. I'm the wrong one to address this, because I don't espouse on here that films are coonery, contain white saviors, or are in general negative stereotypes about blacks. The folks who consistently have words for Tyler Perry and Tarantino and Snoop Dogg should be frank enough to address why they are going to sit in the theatre and watch Nicole Beharie or Halle or Zoe flip flop with these white guys. I can't speak on that.

  • Jug | October 1, 2011 4:50 AMReply

    I'd even take the "Denzel Effect" a step further. If Denzel is cast in the movie, or Will Smith, Odds are EXTREMELY high that they'll be the only Black folks in the movie. So forget the female lead being Black LOL This movie is truly an aberration because not only is his wife Black, but his head stewardess & his attorney are black. Damn shocking really! But everything AccidentalVisitor said is true. Movies are made primarily for men. Anything else is considered genre or niche. Now, more & more movies are trying to go "Four Quadrant" as much as possible, meaning covering all bases (men, women, parents, kids). Tougher & tougher to do, considering the sheer expense of making a movie much less distributing it. It's why you see more & more movies watered down to PG or PG-13 & slews of animated films.

    Oh, & I wasn't hating on Garcelle, just noting her role would be about as fleeting as Sally Richardson in ANTOINE FISHER or Denzel's girl in INSIDE MAN.

    Besides, every role in this was originally written white & it was supposed to take place in Oklahoma. LOL

  • AccidentalVisitor | October 1, 2011 4:09 AMReply

    {{{ I was just about to say how Garcelle would not be the lead and boom- someone posted a link saying what i already knew.

    Sistas, especially those with brown skin like Garcelle’s, are never allowed to play lead opposite brothas unless it it specifically a “black movie.” }}}

    I don’t know how to take that comment. If you were trying to say that a black male and black female lead are rare in a mainstream Hollywood film aimed at a wide audience, then, yes, you have a point. If you however are resorting to an argument about the mistreatment of black actresses then you may be a bit off considering the circumstances.

    First of all in Hollywood there are far more films that lack female leads than there are films that lack male leads. Hollywood films tend to be male-centric in the first place which means men are typically front and center in movies. There is a reason why you hear so much disgust by actresses about the so-called “girlfriend role.” That’s the role that is typically left for females in most male-oriented film. Outside of rom-coms or to an extent heavy dramas, the most prominent female role is often a secondary role as love interest/wife/girlfriend. That’s the sexism that permeates Hollywood and it is mostly by the guys responsible for the vast majority of films we see on screen: white males. So, there aren’t as many movies as people may think that has a female leading role that is anywhere equal to the male leading male role. Actually you will find just as many mainstream movies in which the primary leads are all male, as you will films in which the main leads are a man AND a woman.

    So with that laid out why would you expect that to be any different for guys like Denzel, Will, etc, especially since most of their roles were conceived originally as white characters by white screenwriters? And besides if a film requires a juicy part for a female lead it typically means that the movie is going to emphasize the relationship between the male lead and the female lead , which may include sex. In that case black guys like Denzel and Will are less likely to get such roles because 1)black guys aren’t typically allowed to have sex or passionate relationships in such movies and 2)if they somehow cast a black actor anyway they won’t cast a white actress which means they would have to probably cast a black actress which would mean it becomes in the eyes of white society a black film. Whew. That was a mouthful...or a finger....well, you know what I mean. Point is the odds are against black male and black female leads.

    That being said in the case of Denzel Washington there have been a handful of films in which he starred alongside black actresses in lead (if not equal) roles. A few of them that I can think of offhand (John Q, Déjà Vu, A Preacher’s Wife) can’t necessarily be viewed as black films because they were targeted at mainstream America.

    Perhaps even more worthy of note is that a good number of black actresses have benefitted from what I’ll call the Denzel Effect, even if the role they play is relatively small to his. The Denzel Effect goes like this: Denzel gets casted for a lead role; TPTB decide to make the female who is his love interest/wife/girlfriend black as well; a black actress who otherwise likely would not have been considered for the part if the leading male was white gets chosen. Most of these black actresses, by the way, have been dark skinned.

    The Denzel Effect has also been mirrored by the Will Effect, the Eddie Effect, etc. The roles aren’t always great for the actresses involved but they can help those actresses get some sort of foothold in the movie business. Now ask yourself if black actors trying to get a foothold similarly benefit from a Halle Effect, a Whoopi Effect, a Zoe Effect. My answer is no. It is amazing what some choose to complain about and what they choose to ignore. I looked at the post a few days back on this site regarding that lame-looking gospel choir film starring Queen Latifah and Dolly Polly and of all the complaints I can’t recall anyone asking why a young black male can’t get the part of Keke Palmer’s love interest instead of the white guy or why a mainstream Hollywood film once again suggests that the only interracial pairings going on between white and blacks in America are between white males and black females. Instead we get complaints here that a white actress is getting to play the lead as a junkie who “befriends” (and I’m sure it is just that) Denzel’s character in “Flight”. Which leads to a complaint that black women never get offered leading roles alongside a black male star, especially if they are dark.

    Anyhow I know there won't be an real man-woman stuff going on for Denzell in this film, so the casting news I'm mostly excited about was the addition of Don Chealde.

  • Cherish | October 1, 2011 4:03 AMReply

    "The site reveal that Kelly Reilly, the British actress perhaps best known for her role as Jude Law‘s love interest Mary Morstan in the Guy Ritchie “Sherlock Holmes” films, has beaten off some stiff competition, including Olivia Wilde and “The Guard” actress Dominique McElligott (who’s cropping up on a lot of shortlists without ever quite landing the parts, having previously been in the running for Gwen Stacy in “The Amazing Spider-Man”), to play opposite Washington in the project.

    Reilly will play Nicole Devlin, a drug addict who befriends Whip. "

    It's a shame that a Black woman was never considered for this role. Garcalle's part is probably pretty small.

  • AccidentalVisitor | October 1, 2011 2:47 AMReply

    {{{ It’s not an “effect”, it’s default. You think Ryan Gosling is credited with giving Michelle Williams her role in Blue Valentine or Carey Mulligan her role in Drive? }}}

    Looks like I will have to continue to take part in hijacking this thread.

    I think I have already pointed out that is a white man’s world when it comes to cinema so of course there is no surprise that Mulligan gets a thankless role as the love interest in “Drive”. Of course these days there is an increasing chance that a minority actress could get such a role alongside of Gosling. The odds aren’t great but they are not insurmountable. But if Carey Mulligan was the true lead in a drama or romantic comedy there is almost a zero possibility that a black actor would be cast as a love interest.

    So that “default” is only one-sided. Surely Zoe or Halle don’t have a default black male love interest whenever they are the leads in a movie. So default only seems to matter when it comes to hat type of leads? Black male leads and white female leads?

    By the way your example of Michelle Williams in “Blue Valentine” is off the mark. That was a film of equals and it is just as likely Michelle Williams was considered before Gosling was because at that time Williams was about at the same stature as Gosling in the industry. Of course it also helped that “Blue Valentine” was not a Hollywood flick in the first place, but an independent feature.

    {{{No. And it’s only Denzel & Will that you can even apply that “theory” to. Anthony Mackie is not helping no one out.}}}

    LOL. Which is why I DID NOT write the Anthony Effect. Okay? It only works if you are a bankable star. Bankable stars are cast first and the chips fall from there. That’s why I chose Denzel, Will and Eddie. What part of that is hard to understand?

    If Anthony Mackie was however to become a bankable star then, in this current climate, his presence too would benefit black actresses trying to get a foothold, even if the roles for those women were minor. If Zoe Kravitz however became bankable her presence, again under this climate, would do far less for any up and coming black actor trying to get through doors. And that is because, as is the case with, Rashida Jones, Hollywood doesn't mind pairing cute black chicks with white guys. And speaking of Rashida that is another black actress who is mostlyy the prize of the white man on screen. So many of our most frequent working black actresses fall under this category and yet folks here somehow don't notice or think the numbers even out. Whatever. Nichole Beharie is heading down that road too but let's pretend it doesn't exist.

    {{{ . He didn’t have wife the first on CSI. }}}

    Neither did William Peterson. So what’s the big deal? Anyway I made it clear in my earlier post that most times the black actor won’t get too much romantic play in the first place. CSI isn’t the type of show to focus on such things regardless. But in case you didn’t know Fishburne’s character did have a recurring love interest during his final season. She was played by one of Diana Ross’ daughters. While not out of the possibility, it was nonetheless unlikely that she would have been truly considered for the role if Fishburne was not black.

    {{{ And obviously unless it’s an action film, there’s going to be an actress who gets work…duh. That’s noting to theorize, it’s simple math. So unless the black actor is Wesley Snipes, then it’s pretty obvious there’s work for black actresses there. And there are so few roles for black actreses, that to even bring this up is silly. }}}

    No, your response is silly. Because you are ultimately agreeing with my stance. The math says that if a black actor gets certain role odds are so will black actresses to fill the love interest slot. Which is my point. My other point is that such benefits do not apply to black men when it is the black actress who is the top draw. Please, disprove that. I can wait.

    I see more black men actually paired with white women on some of these shows than black women, but that’s how networks like it.}}}

    Oh, good grief/. Do you really want for all of us to start listing shows? Because the numbers even out. Network TV and cable TV is far more open-minded in that when it comes to black-white IR there are just as many black men being paired with white women as there are black women being paired with white men.

  • I KNEW IT | October 1, 2011 2:28 AMReply

    I was just about to say how Garcelle would not be the lead and boom- someone posted a link saying what i already knew.

    Sistas, especially those with brown skin like Garcelle's, are never allowed to play lead opposite brothas unless it it specifically a "black movie."

  • AccidentalVisitor | October 1, 2011 2:03 AMReply

    {{{ One paragraph you write seems to suggest that there are a disproportionate amount of films with Black Female/White Male relationships. Are there really that many? I can only think of Shame and Joyful Noise as recent examples. It could be out of the loop and I guess I don’t really look for it. }}}

    No offense but this is the type of stuff that amazes me. Are there really that many? No, not when you think of all the movies that come out during a given year. But seriously you can't think of any other than "Joyful Noise" (I don't really include "Shame" because it is really an independent film). Do names such as Rosario Dawson, Halle Berry, Zoe Saldana, Naomie Harris, Thandie Newton, not ring a bell? Because all of these ladies have at least a few mainstream movies on their resumes in which such hookups occur. And not just films of theirs that have already come out but in films that haven't been released yet or that are in the pre-production process. Beyonce has a couple (yes, Austin Powers and Pink Panther comedies count) including that one movie about Chess Records in which an affair between Etta James and one of the Chess brothers was fabricated for sake of "story". And of course Hollywood would love to pair Beyonce with more white males including "A Star Is Born" remake that was only put on hold because of her pregnancy. These aren't the only examples but I don't have to do much more than throw out those six names to show how much more it is slanted in one direction.

    {{{ However I do believe there was a time when the few interracial that were portrayed on the big screen where Black mean and white women. Not all of these portrayals were the most dignified. Once again I haven’t done any statistical research on one vs the other. I’m simply trying to go by memory. }}}

    If we are describing interracial as meaning between a black and white then there has never been an era in Hollywood in which such portrayal has been dominated by the black man/white woman hookup. The blaxploitation era may have been an exception but I'm not sure if most of those films qualified as major studio motion pictures. Anyway the point is Hollywood never frets pairing a white male alongside a woman of color nearly as much as it worries about pairing a white female with a man of color. And if the female star is non-white and she has a certain amount of clout you can bet most of her onscreen love interests will be white as well. Whether that star is Rae Dawn Chong, Whoopi Goldberg, Lucy Liu, Selma Hayek, Jennifer Lopez and, soon to be I'm sure, Paula Patton.

    Believe it or not this is not my favorite topic. However I just can't get past that folks don't seem to grasp the disparity in the numbers. I wrote a few times before that we can never have an honest discussion about this until there is an acknowledgment that the portrayals are so one-sided. With all due respect, Micah, but with your point about how you hadn't notice this simply reinforces my view that people have on blinders. People either don’t see what’s in front of them, or don’t acknowledge it. Maybe they go as far as pretending to not notice. Let me also reiterate that I’m not criticizing the actresses or criticizing interracial portrayals on the big screen in general. But I keep being dragged (or leaping on my own free will) into these discussions because I repeatedly come across the same assertions that black actresses are being kept out of roles alongside black men (when that is not the case) and that interracial pairing of blacks and whites in mainstream movies are not one-sided (when they most definitely are).

    {{{ For a very long time black women weren’t viewed as desirable in mainstream film by any stretch of the imagination }}}

    You’re absolutely right. And guess what? Neither were black men. This country loves to focus on how mainstream society placed certain limitations on what is viewed as female beauty, but we don’t seem to care that it wasn’t just white females being put on a pedestal; white males were just as much put on display as the idealized man. When it comes to movies that meant we didn’t get films in which black women fought over a black man like we do films in which white women fought over white men. We really don’t get black men portrayed as idealized romantic pursuers. We don’t get black men having much sexual action with women onscreen. Black men don’t get the glamour shots of, say, walking across the beach shirtless to make women swoon. I agree with Idris Elba on this one. Hollywood has never been in the business of making or promoting black male sex symbols whether it be TV or film. Just look at the current collection of black males considered stars in either medium.

  • BondGirl | October 1, 2011 1:51 AMReply

    @Accidental Visitor:

    It's not an "effect", it's default. You think Ryan Gosling is credited with giving Michelle Williams her role in Blue Valentine or Carey Mulligan her role in Drive? No. And it's only Denzel & Will that you can even apply that "theory" to. Anthony Mackie is not helping no one out. And neither is Idris, Chiwetel, Cheadle, or Fishburne. He didn't have wife the first on CSI. And obviously unless it's an action film, there's going to be an actress who gets work...duh. That's noting to theorize, it's simple math. So unless the black actor is Wesley Snipes, then it's pretty obvious there's work for black actresses there. And there are so few roles for black actreses, that to even bring this up is silly.

    As far as interracial love's been exhausted to death in the Shame posts. No one is going to mention it in every single post. Trust me, in a week it's going to come up again when Shame premieres. And again when we get more details about Django Unchained. I haven't read any scripts with black love onscreen in a studio film. There are some coming with black women and white men bc that's a's rarely done. Halle Berry made it cache, and now you see Carmen Edogo on CBS with a white ex-husband, the black chick on 90210, the chick on Shameless on Showtime, etc. I see more black men actually paired with white women on some of these shows than black women, but that's how networks like it. I would love to see the casting picks for the black women in Django.

    At the end of the day, it just proves that sexism is just as pervasive as racism in Hollywood. Solutions?

  • Betty Chambers | October 1, 2011 1:47 AMReply

    What are the excuses used when an all-white cast film flops at the theaters? I mean every week there's some semi-indie, lame crap, dumb dork, slacker dude, and wispy waif white chick flicks that barely make a dent at the box office. Yet, Hollywood continues to make them. Over and over and over again.

    I'd say we stop accepting their racism / sexism when they say black people repel audiences. Based on the receipts of most of their whites only lame ass films they repel everyone.

  • CareyCarey | October 1, 2011 1:40 AMReply

    Jug, I don't care if she's in there for one half of a heartbeat, I'd drink her bath water :-)

  • AccidentalVisitor | October 1, 2011 1:37 AMReply

    I wasn't going to get too happy or excited when I saw Garcelle's name because she has never been much more than a pretty face. A very good looking woman, just not much of an actor.

    Still regardless of how small her part may or may not be, she still got a role in a major film. .

  • Jug | September 30, 2011 12:55 PMReply

    Don't get too happy, unless there're rewrites she's in there for a heartbeat. This is the leading lady:

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