Kozi (left) and Kyra Kyles
Kozi (left) and Kyra Kyles

Chicago-based siblings Kyra and Kozi Kyles, co-creators of the popular sci-fi puppet web series Human Resources, are just getting started on what could end up being a very promising career in entertainment.

Human Resources is a "workplace comedy web series" with a sci-fi spin, that uses puppets and voice-actors for its cast.

Kyra Kyles told me earlier today that she and her sister "funded this project ourselves and have found it resonating with online writers as well as traditional media outlets because of the Occupy-esque themes of corporate greed and widespread layoffs, only with levity."

The Kyles were recent guests on the highly-rated WCIU morning show, You & Me This Morning, where they discussed the origins of this project:

Check out the first episode of Human Resources:

For more info on The Kyles, check out their website HERE.