Big Men

As Tambay said back in March regarding the documentary film Big Men (HERE), “we're talking about black gold, AKA oil, and the business of it - those who have it in abundance (and sometimes don't even realize it), and those who desire it (who also typically have the right tools to obtain it), if only for the potential rewards (usually monetary) being in control of it can generate."

It’s an ancient story that’s been repeated over and over again all over the world. It is the eternal conflict of the ages between the powerful and the powerless, between the have and the have-nots.

And that conflict is at the core of Rachel Boynton's documentary "Big Men," which chronicles what happens when a Texas oil exploration firm makes an enormous discovery off the coast of Ghana, and the people of the region who fight to protect their resources from exploitation eventually resorting to using violence.

But in "Big Men," the issue isn’t so clear cut. It’s no David vs Goliath story or some cliched underdog triumphing over the bigger more powerful opponent narrative, and is instead a much more complex story in which the filmmaker plays a more objective eye.

Now, after a brief theatrical run earlier this year, "Big Men" will make its TV broadcast debut on PBS’ documentary series POV on Monday August 25th.

To find out more, go to the POV’s website for the film HERE. Below is the trailer.