Happy Birthday Marcus Garvey! To Celebrate, Watch Doc Biopic "Look For Me In The Whirlwind..."

by Tambay A. Obenson
August 18, 2011 3:39 AM
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Today in history... Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Jr. was born today, August 17th, 1887, in St. Ann's Bay, Jamaica.

While I'm certainly not holding my breath for a biopic on the life of the controversial entrepreneur, Black Nationalist, Pan-Africanist, and powerful orator, I will, however, share the below 2 1/2 hour PBS documentary on Garvey, titled Marcus Garvey: Look For Me In The Whirlwind, directed by Stanley Nelson, which aired in 2000, and is currently on DVD.

A disclaimer: The film is not without its critics, who lambaste it for its factual inaccuracies and omissions. For example, READ THIS exhaustive critique of the film by, none-other-than, Garvey's son, Dr Julius W. Garvey.

However, I believe it's still the most comprehensive video documentation available on the man, his life and legacy. Of course, supplementing your viewing of the documentary with the written word is always encouraged.

Watch the entire documentary, Marcus Garvey: Look For Me In The Whirlwind, below:

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  • CareyCarey | August 20, 2011 11:47 AMReply

    I didn't watch the documentary nor do I want to drop salt on Garvey's achievements, but excuse me if I am wrong, but in one of the podcasts didn't Sergio say his people are from Jamaica? Now look at Garvy, doesn't he kiind of look like Sergio? Well maybe a young Sergio.

    Here's how he looked in the late forties http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vkXaHmSbpc&NR=1

  • urbanauteur | August 19, 2011 4:11 AMReply

    He's part my personal screenplay[bio-pic] octet, along with-Stokeley(kwade toure)Carmicheal,Mary Fields,Donald Fagan,Frederick Douglass(uncensored),Ella Mae Baker,Flo Kennedy,Queen Mother Moore;

  • Dankwa Brooks | August 18, 2011 12:11 PMReply

    Thanks Tambay for posting this. I totally agree that “Of course, supplementing your viewing of the documentary with the written word is always encouraged.”

    As far as documentaries IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE that documentaries are NOT fact and are shaped by the director’s vision, whatever that may be. Documentaries are also meant to entertain in some fashion. Much like Wikipedia is a good jumping off point for more info, lots of documentaries are also good jumping off points to gain more info.

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