Scout's honor. This is not an April Fools Day joke come early. And I'm, for sure, certainly no expert about hip-hop. All I know is what was stated in the official press release.

This being a press release from Ossian Media, a Miami-based production and media company which currently has several projects "in the pipeline," and their latest venture is the upcoming animated TV series House of Wallace.

The series will feature B.I.G.'s children C.J. and T'yanna (who will be doing their own voices) as the program's main characters, and will follow them in their dramatic journey as they attempt to keep his studio in Bedford-Stuyvesant in Brooklyn alive, despite numerous trials and tribulations.

But here's the kicker in the press release's own words:

"As legend has it, B.I.G. built his own studio to consolidate creative control once his musical career began to flourish. Now, it serves as the inspiration for both the series' name and its central storytelling locale. An international music conglomerate threatens to buy out the House of Wallace and replace it with a cookie cutter "entertainment factory". 

It goes on...

"However, C.J. and T'yanna stand up for its ‘Notorious heritage’ and the "real" music it represents, attempting to re-energize the studio and elevate it to the status of a modern hit-maker. The spirit of B.I.G. himself serves as a central character, appearing to the children in ethereal form to guide them through the adversities they face as they struggle to preserve their father’s labor of love". 

And according to Wally Eltawashy, the president of Ossian Media: 

“It is Ossian’s distinct honor and privilege to be entrusted with furthering the legacy of one of the world’s greatest modern musical talents… a bevy of musical artists will also appear on the show, alongside a hilarious and endearingly-affable staff of studio employees. Music will constitute a central component of the show, including original songs from guest stars and re-imagined renditions of classics from the Wallace catalog".

So do you like the idea or not? Don't ask me. I wouldn't have a clue.