Lenny McAllister (Black Tea)

So you may recall, last spring, when I reported on  this documentary in the works, by filmmaker and photojournalist, Kevin J. Dotson, about the Tea Party movement, and its relationship (or lack of one) with black folks (HERE).

Or, as I said at the time “Of course, it's hard to form any friendly relationship between black people and a group that is basically a KKK rally when everyone's hoods are at the cleaners.

Needless to say, some commenters got quite upset with what I said, but I still stand by it - even more so. So there. 

But I will admit that I was wrong when I said that there are only two black Tea Partiers. The actual number is slightly more than that. Like maybe five.

But who can blame us? As Dotson says himself, about the Tea Party, it “has stirred a pot of division by accusing immigrants of being burdensome and African-Americans on welfare of being “lazy.” The movement has been defined as xenophobic and racist, and has proven its willingness to stall American progress—and thus the welfare of the most vulnerable of our society."

But what about the documentary itself? Well, it’s now finished, or very soon will be, and there’s a new trailer our for it, embedded below, as well as its own website (HERE).

As the filmmaker says, the goal of his film is to “present a story of self-identification in defiance of conventional labels, acceptance within a movement popularly known as being racist, and lingering discriminatory realities in “post-racial” America."

Among those in the the film is Lenny McAllister (pictured above), a Republican strategist and a “Tea Party missionary," who, four years ago, despite his speeches emphasizing that "the children of America are in crisis," adding that, “walking the talk for all of us, starts with uplifting our children,” had an arrest warrant out on him for owing over $37,000 in back child support for two children in Pennsylvania. Obviously he's the best man to know that America's children are in crisis, because he’s doing his best to keep them that way.

By the way, how did I know that about him? Simple. I googled his name, and "Lenny McAllister Child Support" and "Republican Deadbeat Dads" came up.

Here’s the trailer: