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Giancarlo Esposito, Tupac Shakur to Receive Stars on Hollywood Walk of Fame

by Jai Tiggett
June 20, 2013 5:54 PM
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Nice! The Hollywood Walk of Fame committee announced its 2014 honorees in a ceremony today featuring Jennifer Lopez, who received a star. The latest group of entertainers whose names will grace Hollywood Boulevard includes Giancarlo Esposito and Tavis Smiley for their achievements in television, as well as a posthumous honor for Tupac Shakur in recording. 

Legendary songwriting/producing team Holland-Dozier-Holland were also honored in music. Of note, there were no black honorees in film. 

Rounding out the honorees to receive stars in 2014 are Orlando Bloom, Ray Dolby, Sally Field, Jack Harris, Jessica Lange, Matthew McConaughey, Liam Neeson, Paul Mazursky and Tom Sherak for film; Dabney Coleman, Kaley Cuoco, Claire Danes, Deidre Hall, Cheryl Hines, Don Mischer, and Phil Hartman (posthumous) for TV, and Katy Perry and Rick Springfield in music.

Update: An earlier version of this article incorrectly omitted Tavis Smiley as an honoree. 

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  • Brando | October 1, 2013 1:06 AMReply

    nice list for 2014, but where a star for Kurt Russell, Goldie Hawn, or James Gandolfini ?????

  • Shantella Sherman | July 16, 2013 2:32 PMReply

    Congrats to the Honorees. Many of these, particularly Holland-Dozier-Holland, and Mr. Esposito, are long overdue.

  • Disgusted | July 3, 2013 8:48 AMReply

    Walk of fame is now officially a joke. Kaley Cuoco and Katy Perry??? WTF?
    Expect Paris Hilton, Kardashians, etc. as next recepients. Many of those in their graves would want their stars removed.

  • Maria | July 27, 2013 5:38 AM

    I agree!!! No offense against either, but not what you would classify star worthy material! Sally Field is just getting one, and these two are getting honoured???! WTF? Perhaps if they were contributing to the industry a few decades from now, I would not find it so ludicrous! For shame....for shame!!!!

  • Curtis | July 3, 2013 9:48 AM

    The Walk of Fame has BEEN a joke for a long time. Can't take this shizz seriously.

  • ??? | June 26, 2013 10:04 PMReply

    Kaley Cuoco?

  • Jazzy | June 21, 2013 11:48 PMReply

    Katy Perry, WTF?

  • Alison Wonderland | June 20, 2013 10:30 PMReply

    An honor on the Walk of Fame is not as meaningful as it used to be. It is bought and paid for and as corrupt as any honor from the Hollywood Foreign Press. Kaley Cuoco is getting a star? But Sally Field hasn't received one until now?! Rick Springfield gets a star at the same time as Holland-Dozier-Holland? Springfield was essentially a one hit wonder. HDH are Motown legends!! This whole thing is a joke!

  • Nadell | June 21, 2013 1:41 PM


  • George | June 20, 2013 10:14 PMReply

    "Of note, there were no black honorees in film." Your point? I guess no black people in film feel the need to pay money to get recognition? Those stars cost a lot of money. I guess some people NEED that.

  • Ana Martinez | June 20, 2013 8:15 PMReply

    NOTE: Tavis Smiley - not Rickey Smiley
    The Hollywood Walk of Fame recipients for the year 2014 are:

    MOTION PICTURES: Orlando Bloom, Ray Dolby, Sally Field, Jack H. Harris, Jessica Lange, Matthew McConaughey, Liam Neeson, Paul Mazursky, and Tom Sherak

    TELEVISION: Dabney Coleman, Kaley Cuoco, Claire Danes, Giancarlo Esposito, Deidre Hall, Cheryl Hines, Don Mischer , Tavis Smiley and Phil Hartman (posthumous)

    RECORDING: Holland Dozier Holland, Jeff Lynne, Mana, Ray Parker Jr., Katy Perry, Rick Springfield and Tupac Amaru Shakur (posthumous)

    RADIO: Renan Almendarez Coello (El Cucuy)

  • jai | June 20, 2013 8:53 PM

    Thanks for the correction. It's been widely reported as Rickey Smiley, hence the confusion.

  • Michael | June 20, 2013 7:01 PMReply

    Who the fuck are these two? No one knows them! Why is Tupac's picture not there instead? The guy is international with 75 million sold and is in the guiness book of world records, fuck you indiewire.

  • Gregg Calumet | June 21, 2013 2:37 PM

    @Michael...have you ever seen "School Daze", "The Usual Suspects", "Waiting to Exhale" and "Do the Right Thing"? Mr. Esposito was in those films and more albeit he is being recognized for his television work.

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