The ratings woes of the Arsenio Hall Show have been well documented here on S & A and elsewhere. But how about that other much hyped new talk show which also premiered this fall in the daytime?

Of course I’m referring to The Queen Latifah Show.

How has that show been doing lately? Well, it turns out that it’s been doing pretty well. Thank you for asking.

The exact numbers have been hard to come by but according to the Nielsen Company, this month, her show “is the biggest ratings winner of the new talk shows that debuted in the 2013-2014 TV season,” and according to The Hollywood Reporter, the show “has improved ratings in double digits for stations, compared to what the stations were airing in the show’s time slot in 2012.”

Unlike her earlier talk show, which ran from 1999-2001, and which “targeted a more urban audience“ (i.e. Black and Latino), this time around, her new show “has broader audience appeal.”

Which is a nice way of saying that, on this new show, she made sure to target and attract white people as well.

All this sounds like a second season for the show is secured. Meanwhile, there are new rumblings that Arsenio’s show may not make it past next month.