Scandal Season 2

Don't adjust your monitors; it's not a clip from Zero Dark Thirty; it's a scene from the next episode of ABC’s Scandal, which apparently intends to reboot the "torture as a means of interrogation" debate with what will be a *graphic* torture scene.

As you recall, in the mid-season finale of the hit show, Huck (Guillermo Diaz) was arrested and accused of attempting to assassinate President Grant (Tony Goldwyn). Of course, we all know he's not guilty.

But, as you will see in the clip below, he is subjected to torture during interrogation, which includes waterboarding and some hard hits to the face.

Don't cry for Huck though, because, as Diaz noted in a past interview, after the mid-season finale:

“His past has prepared him for what’s coming — but I can’t say what is... It’s not going to be good.”

I guess this is what he was referring to.

The season picks up again next week, January 10.