Idris Prometheus

The movie is behind most of us by now, some more disappointed than others, but that hasn't stopped the viral campaign. We suppose it could be as a lead-up-to the film's home video release.

As we posted yesterday, Fox studios will start making its movies available for digital ownership 3 weeks before their DVD/Blu-ray releases, at a cost of $15, and the first title that they plan to start this new Digital HD initiative with, is Prometheus, which will be released digitally, on September 18th (10 days from today), ahead of its October 11 DVD/Blu-ray release date.

In the viral video below that surfaced yesterday, co-star of Prometheus, Idris Elba, as Captain Janek, seems to be prepping for his trip to faraway lands... or something like that.

This will probably be part of the extra features on the DVD/Blu-ray.