A call to action, the short story goes... In the 1980s, a generation of artists used their creativity to respond to the reactionary politics that came to define the culture at the time. In director Antonino D Ambrosio's Let Fury Have The Hour, over 50 notable musicians, artists, and thinkers are brought together to trace a social history from the cynical heydays of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, to today, ultimately imparting a message of hope.

The indie documentary, which includes commentary from the likes of Chuck D, Van Jones, Suheir Hammad, John Sayles, and more than 50 others, will see a limited USA theatrical release starting on December 14, in NYC and Jan 25th in LA. 

Additional cities will be announced later.

The film is a CAVU Pictures release.

When I know what cities exactly, I'll share here.

In the meantime, here's the trailer: