high school

Lots being announced at the European Film Market in Berlin this week in case you haven't noticed from all my EFM-related posts...

Today, indie film distributor Revolver announced its upcoming 2012 slate of films, and I was surprised to see this one: a comedy feature starring Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa, titled High School

This is the first I'm hearing of this, so naturally I did some digging to find out that it's a stoner comedy, inspired by Cheech & Chong, with Snoop saying that he and Wiz are essentially modern-day versions of that dynamic duo; the film's supposed soundtrack, titled Mac & Devin Go to High School, was released about a month ago - Mac and Devin are the names of the characters that Snoop and Wiz play in the film.

Mac & Devin Go To High School was the original titled of the film by the way, but apparently it's just High School now.

So what can we expect from this sure-fire masterpiece of cinema?

"They smoked joints, they were funny, they were cool and they would get into real situations... So we're the modern-day image of them. We're bringing it back," said Snoop in reference to Cheech & Chong, indicating what High School's content might look, feel and sound like.

I don't know what Revolver's plans are for the film, but, based on the below trailer, I seriously doubt that a theatrical release is the film's future; this thing is headed to DVD/VOD land: