Lesson Before Love

We last wrote about this film, written and directed by Dui Jarrod, back in July 2011, and we haven’t heard much about the film since then.

The film, which made its premiere at the Independent Film New York Premiere Screening Series the summer of 2011, was described by Jarrod, who says he was inspired by Love Jones and The Best Man (and one assumes The Best Man Holiday as well), as a film about “four single friends unsatisfied with their lives who go out for a night on the town and learn important lessons about the passionate love that has eluded them for so long.

And if that sounds intriguing to you, you’re in luck. The film is coming out on DVD today from Looking Glass Pictures Home Video and presumably on VOD soon as well.

Check out the trailer for the film below. There’s also a short video with Jarrod talking about his film HERE, and an interview he did last year about the making of his film HERE.

To purchase the DVD, visit Amazon HERE