Third Timothy

As I’ve said before on S & A, we get quite a lot of request from filmmakers who are using public fundraising sites to raise the money to make their projects. Admittedly, after a while, there tends to be a sameness about them, and you long for something that’s different. And finally, one has arrived at our doorstep that is definitely different.

The film is the short Third Timothy, produced by the Chicago-based film group Kinfolk Collective (HERE), and written and directed by Julian Walker, who says the film will be made “in the tradition of Southern Gothic literature that explores deeply flawed, disturbing characters who are involved in sinister events relating to or springing from poverty, alienation, racism, crime, or violence. The form is used to explore social issues of the American South, with gothic elements taking place in a magical realist context."

The film deals with a pair of runaway foster brothers, who peddle fake holy water to people in need of miracles, in an effort to finance their escape from an abusive foster home. However their loyalty to each other is severely tested when one of the brothers, Timothy, develops a strong bond with the maternal instincts of a woman dealing with the loss of her daughter.

Walker says that his film is “packed with raw emotion, conviction and authenticity and will explore issues of truth, faith, and loyalty… taking place in a magical realist context."

And there is currently an Indiegogo campaign to raise $5,000 in the next thirty days to help make the short.

To go to the Indiegogo campaign site go HERE.

The video below includes some images from the short, as well as an interview with Walker discussing his film: