Black Nativity MJB

Grammy Award winning singer and actress Mary J. Blige stars in Black Nativity as Platinum fro.

The character is an angel that connects the estranged Cobbs family (played by Forest Whitaker, Angela Bassett, Jennifer Hudson, and Jacob Latimore).

Why she decided to take on this role.

MARY J. BLIGE: I wanted people to see me a little lighter. 

Her Platinum fro (laughter) and the fact that she brought the family together. 

On wanting to be in the film because of its Christian overtones.

MARY J. BLIGE:  Christmas has always been about the birth of Christ. Walking like him. It actually made me want to be in the movie.

Is it hard in Hollywood for her to openly talk about religion?

MARY J. BLIGE: It’s a struggle; but you have to know what Christ has done for you. You can’t judge anybody on how they live because that’s how Christ lived. He loved even the people that killed him.

On working with Angela and Forest.

MARY J. BLIGE: It was a treat to work with Angela again after working with her on Coretta and Betty. I know Forest and his wife personally. Forest and Angela sang all of their parts. I was not there when they did their part. Forest sounded really good. Angela did too.

Any roles that she would want to play in the future?

MARY J. BLIGE: I wouldn’t know until it comes and then I’m like wow; that’s it. With Betty and Coretta, I was about to back out because the role of a woman that really needed to be represented. But it was a fear I had to face and give this woman everything I had. I want to do more serious stuff.  I want to do things that mean things to people. I really want to study for it. I liked playing the role of Betty. No horror movies. Roles that help people.

Her favorite Christmas story?

MARY J. BLIGE: A Christmas story. It’s just funny. It’s hilarious.

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