Isiah Whitlock Jr.

Isiah Whitlock Jr. best known for his work on HBO's The Wire has been cast in a new drama pilot Lucky 7 from ABC Studios and Amblin Entertainment

Lucky 7 revolves around seven employees of a service station in Queens whose lives are changed in many unexpected ways when they win a lottery jackpot.  The series will be written by David Zabel and Jason Richman who wrote Detroit 187. The new hour long series is based upon a British television drama entitled The Syndicate written by Kay Mellor.  

The British version had each episode centered around one character and has been re-uped for a second season. The second season however, will follow a new syndicate; workers at a public hospital in a similar situation.  There has been no indication whether the version happening stateside will do the same.

Whitlock has been cast as Bob Harris, a gas station attendant who is injured prior to finding out he is one of 6 other lottery winners.  Being one of the 7 main characters it wouldn't be a stretch to say we will see quite a bit of Isiah Whitlock Jr..