Arsenio Hall

Although his new talk show was cancelled last week by CBS Television Distribution, after just one season, Arsenio Hall is not down for the count just, as, according to The Wrap (HERE), he is currently planning yet another return to late night.

His manager John Ferriter said that they have been fielding several offers from interested parties,since the news of his show's cancellation was announced, and that they’re in early talks to reboot the talk show, but on another network.

According to an another insider, E!, OWN and BET have all reached out to Hall about the possibility of hosting a show on their networks. However, The Wrap states that two of the networks deny that they have reached out, or have had any sort of communication with Hall and his manager.

E! said that Hall was “too old” for the network's demographics, while OWN insisted that they have no plans to bring Hall to the network.

Which leaves BET, one supposes.

In addition, people at CBS insist that the company hasn't received any interest from other networks to continue “The Arsenio Hall Show” or to buy syndication rights.

So the question remains - will Arsenio return to television or not? Is there something really going on here, or is this a “trial balloon” set up by Hall and Ferriter in the hopes that it will convince a network executive to pick up the show?

We’ll just have to wait and see.