James Earl Jones

When the Chicago Film Critics Assocation present their 2011 CFCA Film Awards for their choices for the best in films and performances this year on January 9th, they will also present actor James Earl Jones with their inaugural Oscar Michaeux Award in tribute for his decades long body of work.

It's fitting that the CFCA should create and present the award since Michaeux was an Illinois native and actually statred his filmmaking career in Chicago before he moved to New York. In fact he also made his last film in Chicago as well, the sadly long lost three hour film The Betrayal released 1948 which was a remake of his first feature film The Homesteader made in 1919

But the CFCA also may not know just how fitting it is to present the award to Jones since his own father Robert Earl Jones actually acted in two of Michaeux's films - Lying Lips in 1939 and The Notorious Elinor Lee in 1940.

Aint I a know-it-all?