All this week, TV networks have been unveiling their upcoming season lineups - notably their new programming - at the annual upfronts, and we've been highlighting any and everything that we deem worthy of S&A.

Last night, the Cartoon Network's late-night comedy bloc Adult Swim, held its own session, and the news wasn't only on the addition of the new Black Dynamite animated series that's based on the 2009 cult movie, it was also announced that Jay-Z, who was present for the event, and even performed afterward, has officially entered a development deal with Adult Swim, one that will involve, amongst other unrevealed ideas, an original animated series. Although, unfortunately, no additional specific details were provided.

This Adult Swim deal, assuming it's seen all the way through, will mark Jay-Z’s first foray into television production. Recall he recently jumped into bed with the Smiths, in a film production partnership that will soon realize its first project, a remake of Annie, starring Willow Smith.