Nine Muses

In Wendy's (MsWOO's) review of John Akomrah's latest work (The Nine Muses) for S&A (HERE), she compared it to "attending an opera or perhaps classical music performance," calling it both an intellectual and a visceral experience, as both images and sound "flow over you" and "seep into you," and that "you should find this a deeply moving experience."

Having now seen the film myself, finally, I wholeheartedly agree.

But in the video clip below, Akomfrah addresses the comparisons Wendy astutely made in her review of The Nine Muses (which uses Homer's The Odyssey as a framework to explore mass migration to post-modern Britain) by talking specifically about the importance of sound elements to Mnemosyne (his gallery piece from which The Nine Muses film sprung, as per Greek mythology) and the complex relationship between sound and archival images.