Johnson Family Vacation

I’ll bet right now, you’re thinking the same thing I’m thinking.

Johnson Family Vacation? Did I see that? I don’t seem to remember.

I know. Just like you, I think I saw it when it came out, but I honestly can’t remember. I mean it, come out literally a decade ago in April 2004, but you would think that, if it was that great, we still would remember something from it, or at least, have watched it a few times since it came out.

Well, to get to the point, for those fans of the film out there, Fox Home Entertainment announced today that the film, which stars Cedric The Entertainer, Vanessa Williams, Bow Wow (who is definitely old enough to be going to his real adult name Shad Gregory Moss by now) and Steve Harvey, will be coming out, for the first time, on blu-ray on March 4.

Wait a minute…

That was LAST WEEK. but Fox Home Entertainment announced that in a press release TODAY? Guess they forgot about the film too. 

But the film is out on blu-ray as part of Fox Home Entertainment’s celebration of Fox Searchlight’s 20th Anniversary, which will see the release of several never-before-released films on blu-ray, throughout the year, like Notes on a Scandal and The Full Monty. There will also be new anniversary editions of Searchlight films previously released on blu-ray, such as Sideways, Napoleon Dynamite and Crazy Heart.

In case you’re wondering (and I had to admit, I had to look it up), Johnson Family Vacation was directed by Christopher Erskin, a music video director whose has yet to make another feature film since then, and one assumes went back in the music video and TV commercial world.

Here’s the trailer to refresh your memory: