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It's that time...another S&A live podcast show with the crew!  As I stated before, we will not disappoint.  Here's our Hot Topics list:

-There's Something Strange About The Johnsons.  A well done take on an over-done subject matter or a filmmaker's attempt at controversy?  Is this short being received better by audiences because the filmmaker is white? Would the same be true if the filmmaker was black?  If you haven't seen it, go HERE .

-Viola Davis' possible Oscar nomination.  Is it a "damned if she do, damned if she don't" situation?  If she wins will she get the dreaded "winner's curse", if she loses will it be a "told you so" moment?

-Shame.  Some theater's are refusing to show the will this effect the final take?  What does it mean for the future of McQueen's films and those covering the same subject matter? Is the NC-17 a big farce and is the MPAA unjustly politicizing film ratings?

-Films you're looking forward to in 2012

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