Joy-Ann Reid

Well I guess they couldn’t ignore her any longer.

MSNBC has announced that Joy-Ann Reid will be finally, at long last, hosting her own daily afternoon show on the network, starting Feb 24th.

Reid, who also announced the news on her own Twitter page, will be taking over the 2PM (1 PM central) slot, which is currently held by Tamron Hall’s News Nation program. Hall and her show will be moved to the 11AM (10AM Central) slot to take over the previously held news program hosted by Thomas Roberts.

A few weeks ago, Roberts took over hosting MSNBC’s early morning Way Too Early news program.

Meanwhile, as expected, Ronan Farrow will get his own show at 1PM (12 Noon Central), also starting on Feb. 24th.

MSNBC’s president Phil Griffith who has, of late, been in hot water for some really muddle-headed decisions for the network - such as Alec Baldwin's talk show debacle, and the recent controversy over Martin Bashir which eventually lead to his resignation from the network - said about Ronan and Reid, that they “… are two of the most thoughtful and impressive journalists out there and I’m excited for what they will bring to the afternoon."