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Judy Reyes, Dania Ramirez, Roselyn Sanchez, Ana Ortiz Are "Devious Maids" in ABC's Eva Longoria-Produced Show

by Vanessa Martinez
March 30, 2012 10:27 PM
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So I guess this show is really happening after all. *Sigh*

If you recall, back in October we announced ABC's new pilot Devious Maids, helmed by Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry; he is now parternering up with Housewives' star Eva Longoria, who will serve as executive producer.

Devious Maids' is an adaptation of the Mexican Telenovela The Disorderly Maids Of The Neighborhood. Devious will follow four maids played by Ana Ortiz (Ugly Betty), Dania Ramirez (Heroes, She Hate Me), Roselyn Sanchez (Rush Hour 2, Without a Trace), Judy Reyes (Scrubs, Gun Hill Rd), who work for celebrities and the wealthy in Beverly Hills, and have goals and dreams of their own.

You know it just really irks me that the only show with FOUR Latino female leads are about glamorized maids. No, I haven't seen the show, but just looking over at the cast of these beautiful women, I get a feeling that Devious Maids will not take a realistic look at all the hardships and adversity Latino maids in the U.S. face (deportation, health care etc.).

Obviously, it's far from a political show, but I can't help but ponder why...with Hispanics/Latinos being the largest minority in the U.S. at the moment (yes, larger than African Americans, 16.3% and 12.6% respectively), and out of all the different lifestyles of said minority in today's society, this is the only show producers can think of to cater to this segment of the population, which are also huge consumers in our economy?

Couldn't there be a show with this talent attached that portrayed Latino women, women of color, as educated women pursuing careers in this county, just like the many Latino women you and I come across everyday?

Some will say, well this show was a hit in Mexico, so why not here? Well, Mexico has what seems like hundreds of telenovelas syndicated yearly; the majority of those do not center on characters that are maids. On the contrary, you will find many of their plots revolve around wealthy and professional protagonists much like Days of Our Lives and the like. Besides, the dynamics and politics of domestic workers in Latin America are very different for domestic workers in the U.S.

We only get one pilot in this county revolving around, again FOUR Latino women, and this is the show championed to become a hit?

This is nothing against the talent attached. I just wished their talents were used in a contemporary show that reflected the diverse lives of Latino women in this country.

But, who knows? Maybe the show will prove me wrong, and I hope it does..

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  • Dalia | March 29, 2013 5:22 AMReply

    Idiot, read what latino means and that is how the people behaves without looks the different Color.

  • LeBraun | June 18, 2012 9:59 PMReply

    What are you talking about. I know Judy Reyes Dominican and Dania Ramirez are Afro Latinos so they do have women with African ancestry. I think both were in the list of 25 of the most beautiful Afro Latinas on MSNLatino/Telemundo and Latina.

    Just google it - 25 of the most beautiful afro latinas.

  • alexandria vinci | April 3, 2012 2:48 PMReply

    hi rosyln sanchez i love u on without a trace u r one of my favorite characters u r very pretty and cute and i just want to say u r a great actress and happy birthday to u

  • Donella | April 2, 2012 4:13 PMReply

    Kelsey Grammer would likely have been a better partner for a new series featuring four Latinas than Marc Cherry, but since Eva Longoria already had the Desperate Housewives relationship with Cherry...

  • Akelah | April 2, 2012 2:38 PMReply

    Ahh Vanessa, same struggles, different minority group, welcome aboard! I'm tired of complaining and explaining to others who don't get it. I don't know where it will or has gotten us. All I can say is look to independent projects because Hollywood may never get it.

  • Owelles | April 2, 2012 1:33 PMReply

    @LEONRAYMOND -- you are about as "OG" as Willy Wonka. You are a crybaby and your generalizing of blacks in film is pathetic. Truth hurts? Don't give a f%$ck! lol

  • LeonRaymond | April 2, 2012 3:26 PM

    Just come to Newark, that's all I will say, come with your mouth, we're waiting for you!

  • CreoleYaya | April 2, 2012 12:20 PMReply

    This show is indeed disturbing. I did not support The Help and I do not support this! And, I am so sick of people saying, "Well, at least they are working." Didn't minority actors say the same thing back in the 30s, 40s, 50s and so on? Tis, tis tis!!

  • LeonRaymond | April 2, 2012 12:21 AMReply

    @OWELLES, Sorry , I didn't know cheering for my peeps would upset you!!!

  • Owelles | April 2, 2012 12:52 AM

    It doesn't. Its just your constant whining and generalizing of how black folk don't kiss your ass and how latino filmmakers do, well, its tired. So if us black folk are so backward in not supporting your precious projects, go to where you are loved, and allow us to get over the pain of your absence.

  • BONDGIRL | April 1, 2012 6:56 PMReply

    Blame the white woman (Longoria)...she pitched it to ABC execs.

  • moni4l | June 8, 2012 2:14 AM

    typo I meant she liked, She Hate Me

  • moni4l | June 8, 2012 2:12 AM


    idk.. I saw Dania's tweet not too long ago, she said two roles that really touched her and she enjoyed portraying these characters....Blanca from Sorpranos and Alex from She Hate Me.
    So I think she disliked She Hate Me at all.

  • LeonRaymond | April 2, 2012 1:16 PM

    Did you hear me whining, I was happy regardless of the problems of the show may have. You got a problem, but hey I can solve that , come to Newark N.J. we can talk there, but don't don't come alone, cause this O.G. don't play fair!

  • LeonRaymond | April 1, 2012 6:42 PMReply

    I will be cheering no matter, what, like I did for Musical Chairs (Latino Themed) Tio Papi (Latino Themed) and 36 Saints (Latino Themed) that's my base and I go where I am loved, so I support them 100%

  • Akimbo | April 2, 2012 1:38 AM

    Ah, yes, but how, exactly, does one travel to "nowhere?"

  • Owelles | April 1, 2012 7:21 PM

    Can you go where you are loved and stay there please?

  • Akimbo | March 31, 2012 7:33 PMReply

    I'm of two minds about the show: big fan of Ana and Judy so glad they're getting work but the subject matter is very questionable. I'm really wondering why this article credits Roselyn with two 10-year-old projects (Rush Hour 2, I get, but Boat Trip?) instead of her most recent work on Without a Trace and why it didn't credit Judy with the project she's most known for: Scrubs.

  • BONDGIRL | April 1, 2012 6:59 PM

    @AKIMBO: Same thing I thought. Dania was featured as Turtle's girlfriend for the last 2 seasons on Entourage and was in X-Men. She's probably trying hard to forget that she was in She Hate Me.

  • Vanessa | March 31, 2012 7:46 PM

    I made those changes.. Thanks,

  • d. honey | March 31, 2012 7:04 PMReply

    Well said. I'm surprised to see Judy Reyes attached to something like this.

  • sandra | March 31, 2012 1:29 PMReply

    It's interesting that these latinas couldn't be inserted in the other multitude of pilots being developed. They could be a lead detective, doctor, supernatural being, counselor, socialite, ingenue, etc...Why do these roles have to be given to random Australians, New Zealanders, English, Welsh actors with very little credits on their resume? There is homegrown talent right here! But when a show like Bad Girls, which is set in a max security prison, or Devious Maids is being developed, all of sudden HWD is reminded that there are actresses of color out there.

  • sandra | April 1, 2012 10:36 AM

    @KELEA - Haha! I didn't realize it...I did get all up in this post. Never stop speaking the truth. People try to make you feel crazy but you got to stick with it. This casting is akin to a movie coming out where Cameron Diaz, Angelina Jolie, Mila Kunis, and Gwenyth Paltrow would play janitors: DEVIOUS CUSTODIANS! It would be derided as implausible and miscast because these women are considered beautiful (even if they gave great performances). Most critics would describe the casting as a waste to see them in such unglamorous roles. But latinas as maids and latinos as gardeners/fruit-pickers....well it's in their blood.

  • Kelea | April 1, 2012 5:04 AM

    @Sandra THANK YOU!!! You are all up and through this post making great points but this one I just couldn't pass up as it's the most GLARING. Sigh, it's sad that in so many respects minorities were doing better 20-30 years ago. Or even further in some ways. The worst part is these days you can't even point out the issues without getting dismissed.

  • onyx | March 31, 2012 1:15 PMReply

    It's interesting from a historical perspective and racial, how the women pictured fall into the stereotype of the "hot" Latina, while the African American maids of The Help (and in many films by Hollywood and on TV) were de-sexualized, as if to pretend that the man of the house could never be attracted to them, therefore no race-mixing. That is also the not so subtle message of The Help, though you'd have some who'd state it was about the "sisterhood" of Skeeter and the maids. Now we're aware that it didn't matter what a domestic looks like, its power and control in many cases, especially during segregation, when black maids (some just young girls) were assaulted simply because of their color, and that the males could get away with it. There was no mention of the beauty in the African American culture, in either the novel of The Help or the movie. The ones considered "attractive" when the film was marketed overseas were the males who practiced segregation. Stuart was called a "handsome good ole boy" and Johnny Foote was called a "southern dreamboat" when it was marketed in Ireland and England. The younger actresses like Emma Stone, Brice Dallas Howard and Jessica Chastain's looks were also played up. Not so for Viola Davis or Octavia Spencer, two women who gave the movie much, if not most of its acting power.

  • jesss | March 31, 2012 12:43 PMReply

    You, latino true-believers are funny. You protest and want to boycott not finished tv show. What is wrong being a maid? I'm from Poland. Polish woman works as maids in Spain, Germany, UK, USA. Sometimes they even play such roles in movies.

    But we are not crying because of that. We are not moaning about stereotypes.

    Besides, you are maliciously ignoring a fact, that in a concept of "Devious Maids", main characters has ambition - they want to be someone (for example a singer, like Carmen)

    Our problem is not racism, but a sense of humor. You are overreacting about "latino proud". Just look at tv industry using perspective. Another fact is, that no one forced these actresses to play maids.

  • Miles Ellison | April 1, 2012 5:28 PM

    There's nothing wrong with being a maid. There is something wrong with putting good actresses in stereotypical roles over and over again. They have to be ambitious maids? They can't be ambitious brain surgeons? You can't make films featuring different kinds of characters?

  • Dean | March 31, 2012 8:40 PM

    "Sometimes", you say? So that's not the only role Polish women are being offered that gives them any exposure? So you see the difference between the scenario you're pointing out and the one in the article, right?
    As to your point about ambition, having ambition proves nothing; the fact that nobody strives to be a career maid is pretty much a given. But how much are you willing to bet that the ambition is ultimately never realised during the show's run?
    Regarding your final point about nobody forcing these women to play maids, what else have you seen these actresses in lately? Judy Reyes was a key part of one of the most popular comedies in the last decade; how many supporting turns or even one-off appearances has that earned her after Scrubs' finale? Nobody's put a gun to their head, sure, but the ridiculously limited opportunities for latin actresses means sometimes they have to take the best of a bad lot.

  • Miles Ellison | March 31, 2012 3:09 AMReply

    Certainly, there are more interesting stories to tell and more interesting characters for these women to play. But this is the story that people will actually watch. That's the sad thing.

  • My2cents | March 31, 2012 1:50 AMReply

    These are all talented actresses, but unfortunately these are the best opportunities out there for them now. The problem is not so much with Devious Maids as it is with the lack of diverse casting on the rest of the new crop of pilots. What's needed is balance so that all Latinas are not portrayed in one light. On a positive note Tracy Vilar was cast as a regular on the CBS comedy pilot Partners playing the Puerto Rican office assistant. Hopefully there will be more to come.

  • Mark | March 30, 2012 11:37 PMReply

    What I think is interesting is that two of the Latina maids are Afro-Latina. I wonder if that is how they will be portrayed or will they be just passed off as mestiza/Mexicana?

    When is the last time a Latina was allowed to be both Latina and black on TV?

  • LeBraun | June 18, 2012 10:11 PM

    Well I think with Zoe Saldana and Rosario Dawson bringing awareness about Afro Latinas they were going to be Afro Latinas from Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico and not Mestiza Mexican Latinas.

  • sandra | March 30, 2012 11:33 PMReply

    ALSO...In what reality would these hot women be hired as maids given how insecure, jealous and unbalanced these wealthy Bev Hills women tend to be. What woman is going to allow a Dania Ramirez type into her home to be bending and reaching and polishing and picking up items off the floor while whipping her hair back and forth. You saw how homely Arnold Swarzzernegger's (sp?) maid looked and what happened to her (12 year-old square-jaw love child and err'thang) LMBAO. When we see maids of celebrities, they are almost always elderly women who appear to wear orthopedic shoes NOT Jimmy Choos!!!! So to have these gorgeous women in these mansions gettin all hot and sweaty might be too much for regular television. And you KNOW they're going to play that angle up to the max (vixens with THICK accents with buttons popping off their uniforms randomly). Latinas as sex original!

  • sandra | March 30, 2012 11:15 PMReply

    EXACTLY! These women are in their prime and are well-knowned for their beauty. They're commonly referred as babes and hotties so to see them stuck in maids uniforms (I don't care how sexy they try to make them) is a waste. My interest peaked when I heard about four latinas in ONE project then I found out that it was more of the same. I'm disappointed with Eva Longoria's involvement in this. I DO NOT want to hear the "this is just a job and actors got to eat and if they don't take the role some other starving latina will take the job" argument. I knew that "The Help" was going to usher in a whole new level of disrespect for minorities (oh, but it's all about good storytelling! Don't get so worked up.) I'm just waiting on Drivin' Miss Daisy - the prequel (with Ludacris/Common orWacka Flacka & Reese Witherspoon) which will be succesful. This of course will allow the series to be developed.

  • norman kelley | March 30, 2012 11:15 PMReply

    This is why I haven't see The Help. While I'm glad Viola Davis and other black actresses got some work and received nods, Devious Maids is just a Latin version of The Help. Of course, it is better to play a maid than be one as Hattie McDaniels once replied when asked about being typecast as such.

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