Black Nativity

So granted Black Nativity was not a box office powerhouse when it came out late last year. In fact I wrote a piece back then throwing out some theories on why the film failed to catch fire at the box office (HERE).

But, no doubt, it will catch a few more viewers when Kasi Lemmon’s film comes out on DVD both on standard and Blu-ray DVD on April 15 from Fox Home Video Entertainment.

Unfortunately, the extras and special features on the DVD are going to be rather slim. Unfortunately there will be no director commentary by Lemmons or by any of the actors, but there will be selection of deleted scenes.

However, those scenes will only be available on the Blu-ray DVD, and both versions will have what is being called “promotional featurettes” which means, basically, interviews with the cast saying how great the film is and how wonderful it was the be a part of it.