Keke Palmer Chilli

This is getting to be a habit now. That is, having an actress cast in a part that many people think is a terrible choice and then later having that same actress defend herself for taking the role.

Just last week, Zoe Saldana defended herself playing Nina Simone in the upcoming movie about her, and now Keke Palmer, in a recent interview, once again, has defended herself for accepting the role of Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas in the now in production of VH-1's TV movie about the singing group TLC.

As Courtney wrote a few weeks ago (HERE) Palmer took to social media to shoot back at naysayers when the announcement of her casting was made.

But because of the criticism, she obviously felt that she had to defend herself again:

Every now and then I think,  people think that celebrities are some crazy human beings…but that’s just the nature of what I do, o.k. I’ve become popular.  But I’m not some different type of being and you know, I have feelings and It would be the same as, if I told you, you can’t work at Chase cause you don’t look like a banker.  So I always have to let people know, put it in perspective that I got this because of my acting abilities.  It’s about being an actress.  It’s not about looking like this person or like that person.  I mean I could understand if I was doing Bette Midler, I mean I don’t look anything like her, but at least I’m the same race as Chili!”

I have to admit that I don't exactly understand what the fuss is all about regarding this casting choice. Saldana as Simone, that I can understand. Who doesn't? But Palmer as Chilli - the problem is what exactly?