Keke Palmer will star in an upcoming movie for Nickelodeon titled Rags, described as a "music-infused modern-day fairy tale... with a hip-hop flare," to be executive produced by Nick Cannon, who apparently came up with the idea, and Billie Woodruff directing.

They're calling it a contemporary "reverse-gender Cinderella" story that centers on Charlie Prince (played by Max Schneider), an orphan living with his mean stepfather and spoiled stepbrothers, who dreams to be a singer, but hasn't had much success realizing that goal, despite being blessed with the talent. That is until Kadee Worth (played by Keke Palmer), an international pop star, frustrated with having to sing other people's songs. Charlie and Kadee find one another, despite numerous obstacles, and all becomes well again with their respective worlds. I'm sure it's a lot more than that, but you get the picture.