Right in my backyard... I might be able to make this actually, if time is on my side that evening; maybe you will too.

As part of an ongoing seminar and lecture series on Afro-Futurism 

at Parsons Fine Arts here in NYC, that takes place every Tuesday, from 6 - 8:40pm... which considers "how representations of science, technology and social engineering intersect with African diasporic cultural expressions," with science fiction being "the organizing trope that unites all the guest presentations and works under consideration."

During next week Tuesday's event, Kenyan filmmaker Wanuri Kahiu, whose award-winning science fiction short, Pumzi, has received mucho coverage here on S&A, will be the evening's guest speaker, in a conversation moderated by Professor Sean Jacobs (who also, by the way, runs the Africa Is A Country blog that we pilfer from occasionally).

Even more of a reason to attend! Hopefully it's videotaped, so that I can share here sometime afterward.

For the full series lineup of guest speakers, click HERE.