Key & Peele
And it was just a couple of days ago when I shared on my Facebook page that, despite making several attempts watching their Comedy Central sketch series, their brand of humor just hasn't quite won me over.

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele of Key and Peele fame have partnered up with Judd Apatow to pen an untitled feature comedy for Universal Pictures, which will see both Key and Peele star, with Apatow producing via his Apatow Productions company.

To be executive produced by Key and Peele, the comedy feature's plot is not yet public info, as the project is being kept underwraps.

Apatow did say, to Deadline, about Key & Peele, “I love these guys because they are riotously, make you sick because you can’t stop laughing, funny [...] I think Key and Peele are capable of making the movie that America desperately needs right now.” 

And what kind of movie would that be? Might it "start a conversation about race" as recent dramas have been said to do, but instead using humor to highlight and tackle some hard truths?

Or maybe it has absolutely nothing at all to do with race.

Apatow has certainly raised the bar with that comment!

This news comes a week or two after Comedy Central renewed Key & Peele for a 4th season.