Midwest-based filmmaker Vincent Singleton has decided to go back to his roots to create a new TV series called "Rural," which he says will chronicle the dramatic and complex lives of various people living in a rural Midwestern town.

Set and shot in the real life town of Pembroke, Illinois - Singleton’s hometown - the HBO/Kodak Chase Legacy Film Challenge award winner says that he has set his series in a small rural American Midwestern town because towns like Pembroke have been “an amalgam of the housing, economic, and social struggles facing the nation for years. Personalities, ambitions, and deceptions collide in a delicate dance between local politics, the education system, religion, and law enforcement."

And he continued to say that, “The majority of America is actually rural, so it seemed logical to me to tell a story that I was familiar with and that a large portion of the country would ‘get.’”

"Rural," which Singleton plans to make in partnership with producer Justin Casselle, is planned to be “a fast-paced, suspenseful series centered on a young police officer, a schoolteacher, a conflicted politician, and an ensemble of notable residents as they maneuver and interact to carve out an existence in a town that risks being forgotten by the rest of the nation."

So far Singleton has shot the first episode of the series and, along with a few other writers he has brought together for the project, has already written 6 more episodes for what is intended to be Season One of a 13-episode series.

However, to achieve their goal, Singleton and Casselle have started a Kickstarter campaign to raise $17,500 to compensate the actors for their work on the project (they don't work for free you know).

You can read more about "Rural," see a trailer for the series and other video clips, as well as contribute to the project's Kickstarter campaign HERE.