So are you like me, and have been wondering what Taimak has been up to lately?

Well, now I can answer that question. The still beloved star of The Last Dragon will soon be appearing in a new sci-fi short film titled Transporter (not to be confused with those Jason Statham movies), written and directed by Daman Colquhoun.

Colquhoun, a winner of Ron Howard's Project Imaginat10n photo contest, calls his film, which stars along with Taimak, Phil Oliver, Petronia Paley, Nelcie Souffrant and Quadiri Bolare, an all-black sci-fi psychological thriller about a young man (played by Oliver) at a crossroads in his troubled life.

As the filmmaker’s synopsis says the young man has “long dreamed of escaping his dysfunctional family and their monstrous family business. However, his manipulative mother (Paley) is convinced that he's the key to the success she craves. In order to gain his freedom, and earn redemption, he must outwit his mother, and survive his envious and violent brother, and save his girlfriend. The film explores themes of escapism, ambition, envy, and culpability. It's set in the world of human trafficking - and beyond.

Colquhoun has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise a modest amount of funds to help complete the film, and he’s already past the half-way point towards his goal.

To go to Transporter’s Kickstarter page click HERE. Check out the video pitch below: