The Beautiful Game

The Beautiful Game is a new documentary which puts its intentions boldly out in front as Outreach Producer Dollena S. Campbell (producer for the upcoming El Sistema USA) calls it “a film about soccer in South Africa as social justice to challenge gender norms, homophobia and heal rape.

The film is produced and directed by Danny Turken, with Sam Pollard (who edited Spike Lee’s documentaries When the Levees Broke and Four Little Girls, and also Venus and Serena as well as directed the PBS documentary Slavery By Another Name) on board as Executive Producer. Campbell became involved with Game when she found out and was appalled” that “men were using corrective rape/violence/and murder on female soccer players in South Africa (to show them that they are "women" according to the words in the film) because of the stigma of possible homosexuality."

Therefore, as a result The Beautiful Game deals with “the impact of soccer on women in South Africa-- who use their love for the sport to challenge gender discrimination, gender-based violence and deep-seated cultural stereotyping-- and demonstrate soccer’s ability to transcend all boundaries and reshape the perception of women throughout the world."

The film has also gotten support from organizations such as No More, National Alliance To End Sexual Violence, and famous soccer (and former soccer players), Joanna Lohman and Qiana Martin. 

Martin herself has stressed the importance of the film, saying that “Through my international playing experiences, I have witnessed firsthand the challenges that many of my fellow teammates have had to face to simply participate in a sport that they love. And it is my hope that helping to bring (the film) to viewing audiences will not only yield a safe result for the incredible women…and others who dare to play soccer, but it will pave the way for equality, respect and fair treatment for other international sportswomen as well as all women across the globe.

However the film currently needs financial support to finish post-production and the filmmakers have started a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds for this very worthwhile film.

Go HERE to The Beautful Game's Kickstarter page to learn more about the film and contribute. You can also reach Ms. Campbell at

Here’s the trailer for the film: