Bless Their Little Hearts

The 9th in the ongoing series of the Chicago screenings of the L.A. Rebellion touring film series, will continue on Saturday May 25th with a screening of filmmaker Billy Woodberry’s powerful and poignant 1984 feature film, Bless Their Little Hearts.

Clearly inspired by the work of Charles Burnett and Italian post-World War II neo-realist films of Vittorio De Sica and Roberto Rossellini, the film deals with an African-American family struggling to survive and find its way through the cruel and dehumanizing conditions of South Central Los Angeles.

And, of course, Woodberry himself will be present for the screening.

And along with Hearts, there will be a screening of a new print of his short film The Pocketbook, made the same year as Hearts, and based on a short story by Langston Hughes, in which a young boy comes to a self-realization about the course of his life after a failed attempt to steal a woman purse.

The screening starts at 7PM and will take place at the Logan Center for the Arts on the University of Chicago campus located at 915 E. 60th St.

Northwestern University professor and curator of the L.A. Rebellion film series, Jacqueline Stewart, will introduce the films and conduct a Q&A with Woodberry afterward.

As I’ve said before, and I’m saying it again, the L.A. Rebellion series has been a rousing success with packed audiences (and thank you to everyone who packed the house to see Daughters of the Dust this past Tuesday) and, no doubt, the screening of Hearts is going to be popular as well.

Attendance is FREE but you have to RSVP for tickets HERE.