L.A. Rebellion short Film program

The tenth screening of the ongoing L.A. Rebellion touring film series currently in Chicago, which continues to be a huge success, takes place this Thursday, May 30, with the fourth and final short films program, which will include several long unseen major works.

This Thursday (to be hosted by yours truly), the program of five short films will deal with "a variety of creative practices - drawing, photography, dancing, mask-making and TV production - illustrating how Black artistic expression (particularly by Black women) can provide joy, comfort and historical connection, while running the risk of being misinterpreted and misused."

The five films that will be screened are: A Different Image (Alile Sharon Larkin, 1982), Cycles (Zeinabu irene Davis, 1989 - pictured above), Grey Area (Monona Wali, 1981), Bellydancing: A History & An Art (Alicia Dhanifu, 1979) and Festival of Mask (Don Amis, 1982).

While all the films are of great importance, Monona Wali’s Grey Area is, in particular, interesting, since, like other films such as Haile Gerima’s Child of Resistance and Bush MamaBernard Nicolas’ Daydream Therapy and other films from the L.A. Rebellion movement, it deals with the political awakening of a black woman after the racism and repressive conditions she faces on a daily basis.

However, Wali’s approach in her film is quite different than other filmmakers dealing with the same message, instead going for an intentionally frantic and intense style, which seemingly comes at you from different directions. It’s at once both compelling and challenging.

And Ms. Wali will be in attendance for the screening of her short film for a Q and A with yours truly.

And considering the packed house last week for the showing of Billy Woodberry’s Bless Their Little Hearts, this Thursday's screening is sure to be popular.

The screening will start at 7PM and will take place at the Logan Center of the Arts Screening Room 201, located on the University of Chicago campus, at 915 E. 60th St.

Attendance, as always, is FREE but you must RSVP right HERE for Thursday’s show.