Lennie James stars in this heist drama titled "Swelter," in which he plays a member of a team of thieves who call themselves "The Rat Pack," who pull off a huge Las Vegas robbery, but are caught and sent to jail - except the character he plays. 10 years later, after the rest of his original crew is released from prison, led by Jean-Claude Van Damme, they are hell-bent on finding the one member of who didn’t go to jail (Lennie James), and who may have the rest of the cash from the Las Vegas job they all did together. When they eventually do find him, they discover that he’s now the sheriff of a dying town, and seems to have no memory of ever doing the job in the first place. Needless to say, things don't quite end well for everyone.

Directed by Keith Parmer, "Swelter" co-stars Alfred Molina, Grant Bowler, and others, and is set for a VOD/DVD/Blu-ray premiere on August 12, 2014. It looks like this one will be skipping theaters.

Check out the trailer below. It looks like it could some derivative fun to watch at home on a lazy Sunday afternoon: