Reading Rainbow

LeVar Burton’s much publicized Kickstarter campaign to resurrect, as a web series, his old PBS children’s learning TV program, "Reading Rainbow," has hit a milestone.

The original goal of the campaign was to raise $1 million in 35 days (by July 2), which it did in just one day. But, as of last week, the campaign has raised some $6,408,916 million from 105,857 backers, and that includes a $1 million donation from "Family Guy" and "Ted" creator Seth McFarlane.

The makes the Rainbow campaign No. 4 on the all-time list of highest grossing Kickstarter campaigns, surpassing what was the previous 4th place record holder, the "Veronica Mars" film project (91,585 backers who contributed $5.7 million to make a film version of the TV show) - a completed movie that sort of came and went quickly with bad reviews earlier this year. No doubt the "Reading Rainbow" project will be much more successful.

Only Neil Young's "Pono" with $6.2 million, the Ouya game console with $8.6 million, and the still top record holder, Pebble Watch with $10.2 million, have out-grossed the "Rainbow" campaign.

And if anyone can tell me what those three are, I would be grateful.