Harry Belafonte, Steve McQueen NYFCC 2014

While Armond White was seemingly more interested in heckling Steve McQueen during last night's 79th annual New York Film Critics Circle Awards celebration in New York, Harry Belafonte who presented McQueen with the organization's Best Director award for 12 Years A Slave, delivered a speech on race and the power of cinema, taking attendees on a trip back in time, to his earliest memories of cinema, through the 20th century, to the present, and the journey of African Americans throughout that history.

Ultimately, it was an ode to McQueen and the film he was awarded for - 12 Years A Slave.

The 86-year-old Belafonte reportedly left many speechless, and received a standing ovation after his homily.

Thankfully, an audio recording of the moment was captured by an attendee, and has now surfaced online, and is embedded below, so listen to it: