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Naturi Naughton Tells Us She Really Wants To Do "The Bodyguard" Remake + Eventually Direct

by Cynthia Reid
September 23, 2011 1:33 AM
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So if you missed our wonderful live cast show last night you get a chance to check it out now! We touched on a few hot topic issues like the double standard that may exist when black actresses appear nude in films and Taraji P. Henson's annoyance with TV Guide.

We also played Part 2 of Monique's interview with Naturi Naughton. She talks about being a dark-skinned woman in the entertainment business and the two dream projects she would like to be apart of. We also learned she'll be singing in an upcoming episode of The Playboy Club. Listen below and if you missed Part 1 of Naturi's interview, please check it out HERE.

Don't forget to join us every Wednesday at 8pm/est for an exciting hour of black film news and hot topics. See ya next week!

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  • Tamara | September 27, 2011 3:46 AMReply

    +1 @ Kai's comments. However, I'd be remiss in saying my fascination with the film took place through the warrior-goddess-fembot performance outfit when Whitney sang "Queen of the Night". LOL. Fascinated, I tell you!

    Yay Natari. Good luck and God bless.

    A question to the universe. Singer/Manager, Singer/Bodyguard, Singer/Husband, Singer/Brother, Singer/Dealer, etc. Surely there are other ways to vary the dynamic so as to not resort to another remake, right?

    The Bodyguard

    A Star is Born

    I propose the following:

    Rider Strong - the story of a black female rodeo performer whose dream it is to win the National cup. She is hindered by this dream due to her parents not supporting her rodeo efforts. They'd much rather she persue equestrian sports. Her trainer, a lowdown dirty-thirty fresh off the block but cool dude with a heart of gold becomes her trainer. Together they make magic and she goes on to win the championship. And to make it a musical, intermittedntly they would burst into song appropriate. Ta-da! Holla at your black rodeo folks and equestrian populus and see if they'd dig it.

    Singer/Trainer --- see? it could work. LOL

  • kai | September 23, 2011 2:13 AMReply

    she's real pretty... i cant understand ppl's constant fascination with the bodyguard. it was a glorified lifetime movie of the week

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