Wish the brother good luck. He’s going to need it!

It’s no secret that Sony Pictures had a lousy summer season. After Earth and Elysium were both box office disappointments, though the overseas take for both films will soften the blow. 

Also, White House Down and Smurfs 2 were busts, with the only real moneymaker the studio had being the way-from-left-field-where-in-the-the-hell-did-that-come-from unexpected hit This Is The End.

Needless to say, in the cutthroat world of the film industry, somebody’s head was going to roll, and this time the ax fell on Marc Weinstock, who was president of theatrical marketing for Sony Pictures. He was “ousted” after one of the studio’s largest stock shareholders, Daniel Loeb, had some blistering public criticism at studio management for a lack of accountability and profitability in the studio division.

And so last week it was announced by Sony that the next victim… I mean person chosen to be the new head of worldwide marketing for the studio is Dwight Caines, who was previously Sony’s head of digital marketing since 2005.

He will now continue overseeing the studio’s digital marketing, as well as Sony Pictures theatrical marketing.

Caines started his career at Sony back in in 1997, as director of markerting research, and before that he was at Chase Manhattan Bank where he helped develop their online banking services.

Wish him well.