Ha! A little Tuesday fun...

In case you haven't heard, J.J. Abrams' supposed homage to the Steven Spielberg of old, aka Super 8, opens this weekend. Sergio has already seen it, and I'll be doing the same shortly.

The film, which centers on a group of white kids in a small Ohio town, in the 1970s, whose adventures into filmmaking with their trustee Super 8mm camera are interrupted by a train crash carrying an alien life form.

The plot-line reminded me of an age-old question that's been asked by others before me, and that we've maybe even brought up on the old S&A site; and that is, why aliens in Hollywood movies never seem to land/crash/stowaway/etc in black neighborhoods.

Of course I immediately remembered John Sayles' 1984 classic allegorical tale, Brother From Another Planet, which starred Joe Morton - a film that is still, quite frankly, transgressive even today; and most recently, the British flick fanboys have been buzzing about since its South By Southwest premiere in March, Attack The Block, which still doesn't have a USA release date.

But what about that 27-year middle gap? With Attack The Block on the horizon, what films have been released since Brother From Another Planet fit the above criteria - aliens landing/crashing/stowed away/getting jiggy/etc in areas with a dominant black population? Or, to make it easier, alien movies that feature blacks in starring roles.

District 9 maybe? The aliens are forced to live in slum-like conditions, but their initial meeting with humans is in their space vessel, which hovers above the city (Johannesburg). So, I'm not so sure about that one.

Help me out here folks... what else am I missing?