soul food

Digital broadcaster UKTV announced the launch of a new series "exploring" soul food for its Good Food HD channel which is available on Sky in the UK.

Good Food recently acquired and commissioned new content featuring the cream of British and American culinary talent, including the duo known as The Hairy Bikers who will be making their first show for the channel with this 6-part miniseries (each of the 6 episodes will be 60 minutes long) with soul food as its focus.

To be titled Hairy Bikers’ Mississippi Adventure, the series will follow Si and Dave’s journey along that US river as they "hunt for the roots of soul food and Southern music styles such as blues, jazz, country & western and soul," with the bikers visiting cities like Memphis, Nashville and New Orleans to discover the culinary stories that helped define those areas.

So... a 6-hour TV series on soul food for Brit audiences.

I wonder if they'll talk to Byron Hurt who's wrapping up his feature documentary titled Soul Food Junkies, which looks at both the pros and cons of what we call soul food.