DGA Chart

Nothing you read in this report should at all be news, nor shocking.

As I've said before, I've long moved on from getting worked up over the findings of reports like this, year after year, so no commentary from me this time around. Why bother? I'm much more interested in how we move forward.

But don't let me stop you...

Although, an aspect of the report that I found most useful was the breakdown of shows with the best and worst records of hiring women and minority directors, for the 2011-2012 television season. 

To reach the above results (that Caucasian males directed 73% of all episodes; Caucasian females directed 11% of all episodes; minority males directed 13% of all episodes and minority females directed 4% of all episodes), and much more not mentioned here, the DGA says it looked at more than 3,100 episodes produced in the 2011-2012 network television season, and the 2011 cable television season, from more than 190 scripted television series. 

Read the FULL lenghty report HERE, which was published yesterday.