Truth Be.Told

As I’ve said before, we get quite a number of requests from filmmakers and producers about various crowdfunding campaigns for their various projects; but now and then, something comes along that's intriguing and unique, and worthy of a highlight.

And this project sounded definitely intriguing and unique to me.

It's a campaign for a just launched series titled Truth. Be. Told., a 30 minute docu-web series that seeks, according to its filmmaker and activist creator Katina Parker, to “reclaim the birthright of Queer Black visionaries within Black families and communities by providing a platform for out, Black LGBTQ people to tell their personal stories of challenge, radical self-inquiry, transformation, and triumph.

She also added that: “The basic premise of (the show) is that in order to become all of whom we were sent to be, as Queer Black people, we have been pushed to question everything about our multiple layers of identity, race, gender, sexuality, class, vocation and then reconcile who we know ourselves to be with the identities our families and society at large have constructed for us. By virtue of being Queer, we do this work in spite of the risks, in order to live more fully.

Each episode will consist of a conversation with a person in the media, the arts, education, activism, etc, as they “discuss their lives, loves, and passions, as well as the experiences, realities, and identities that fuel them.

So far Ms. Parker has been very hard at work, and, to date, has some 50 people who have committed to being interviewed for the show, including Emil Wilbekin, Editor at Large for Essence magazine; Patrik Ian Polk, Creator of Logo TV’s Noah’s Arc (pictured above); and Linda Villarosa, former New York Times editor. 

Emil is quoted as saying that he felt he had to be involved with the series since: "It's so important that we tell our stories. We must have examples, role models, and collective experiences to understand who we are. We must know that we are free and not feel shame about who we are. I want to continue to make a difference in this world no matter how uncomfortable it may be."

Along with executive producers Carol Ann Shine, and Jennifer MacArthur, Parker, who produces and directs Truth. Be. Told., are currently trying to raise $10,000 by Wednesday, April 17th to edit a pilot episode of Truth. Be. Told. through IndieGoGo, with donations starting at just $5.

To check out Truth.Be.Told’s IndieGoGo page and make a donation, go HERE, or click in the widget below.

First, telow is brief clip with another participant, Dr. Alexis Pauline Gumbs, Co-Creator of the Mobile Homecoming Project: